The one with the Aidilfitri

As usual, here’s my photo journal of our Raya trip…
Driving balik kampung…

Our fifth raya together…

Her first raya…
Checkout the gelang y’all! My mom got it for her. She only wore it for like 30 mins before she realized there’s something on her hand and pulled the thing off.

Koleksi duit raya Khadeeja.

On the way to Keratong to visit my in-laws families… Look! We have the same baju kurung! I once vow NEVER to have the same baju as my kids BUT it’s just too cute to resist. Kecik2 macam ni cute la ek? Besar sikit I doubt she’d want to wear same baju as me. It’s proven that I have very weird sense of style (I wear my red crocs with 6 jitbitz to ofis…)

Milk maid…

We went to visit Pakcik Hassan in Pekan. Pakcik Hassan is my aunties (Kak Norma and Kak Pidah’s guardian when they were studying in MRSM). Very old dude… Look at the ulat next to him. Cannot stay still la the little girl.

Before going back, we stopped by Kak Nor’s new place (Abu’s eldest sister). Cun gilak! And the most amazing part about it is; the husband build the house himself! Congrats to Kak Nor and family. The house is superb…

After 3 days of ‘partying’, she slept the whole way back from Kuantan to KL. Lucky bapak… On the way from KL to Kuantan, she slept a bit and jumped up and down the whole way… So we decided to let me drive back from Kuantan (yeap… Abu trusts me with his and the daughter’s life! Cat, stop rolling your eyes…)

To all, SELAMAT HARI RAYA (again..)…


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