Thank God It’s Friday!

I’ve never been so tired!!! Working 5 days a week is really tiring. After almost 5 years of enjoying shift work, it’s really hard to adjust. For those work have always been working 5 days straight, you might think shift work is not an option. Of course I hated the ‘6 weeks no weekend off days’, but it’s not as tiring as working 5 days straight… For those who are currently in shifts, I kno it’s no fun when it comes to weekend, or missing all those parties/gatherings. Count your blessings people… You get paid OVERTIME for almost everything!!!!!!!!! I miss filling my OT form… Sobsobsob…

Anywhos, whatchu doing this weekend? My gathering plan seems to be very, very thin. Same goes for urguls outing. Marina, if you are reading, REPLY THE EMAIL OR SEND US SMS… I’d love to go and watch Enchanted. Or maybe, I should take Khadeeja to the Zoo. Hmm… Still got animals is it? Last time I went, the monkeys were sleeping and the tigers were not there… So basically, I went and saw lots and lots of trees! And some elephants! So how? Gimme an idea… And NO! Shopping is not an option!

So for those who are off weekends, ENJOY your not-in-the-ofis days. For those who are working, (especially auths people, I luv you all, but…), TOO BAD you are working. If not we can all go and watch Enchanted! Heeheehee… As one of the sprites (too much Disney Playhouse nowadays) would say, ADIOS AMIGOS!

Kayangan… Not so heavenly after all!


I don’t usually watch Malay movies. Reasons? Bad storyline, bad scripts, me not getting the joke… etc… Malaysian actors are not that bad actually. It’s just bad scripts that makes ’em look bad. So last weekend I was in the mood to watch something and bought myself Kayangan (the vcd). This is an example of those bad storyline stuff that I always try to avoid wasting my time on. It’s so cliche! Royalty met kampung girl. Kampung girl is a smartmouth (Sociology grad la konon…) who dislike the dude at first but later liked him. Baddies in the movie is a beeyotch girlfriend. They use words like patik, santap… YUCKS! Even Sultan Pahang doesn’t speak like that (I saw him on TV when Kuantan kena banjir. He grabbed the microphone and addressed himself as ‘saya’. How kewl is that?!).

Back to the story, the scripts seems to be ‘unfinished’. I mean, the characters seems to be unfinished. What I cannot accept is the fact that ntah bila tiba-tiba pulak the prince fell in love with the kampung girl… When the girlfriend was caught red-handed cheating, suddenly la pulak the prince decided he likes the kampung girl… ???

What I like about the movie is the soundtrack. Good songs… They even have Ning Baizura singing in it (I lurve Ning!). I think Fazura is a good actress. And not to mention the anak muda (my mom refers all movie heroes as anak muda), is cute and tall. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this to other people. Whoever wants to watch can pinjam my vcd….  My favourite Malay movie? Layar Lara and Selubung. Good scripts, good storyline, excellent actors!

Anyway, here’s another trivia taken from Esah’s blog. I’m not going to tag anyone today. Feel free to re-post in your blogs if you have nothing better to write about… I’d love to read it!

1. What’s always in your fridge?

    Air sejuk, chocolates, eggs… Err… Normal groceries la… I don’t keep weird stuff in the   fridge…

2. Lecturers make the best…

    … teachers?…

3. What’s the biggest misconception about you?

     I’m never serious… People ALWAYS think I’m joking around (even when I get angry!)

4. What is my current obsession?

     Other than pretty boys, coffee and cats? Getting home on time before Khadeeja goes to sleep so that I can play with her…

5. If you could be a man for a day, who would it be and why?

    Johnny Depp! So that I can feel how it is to be a cool person every single moment.

6. What do you wish you had answers to?

    Nothing… What you don’t kno won’t hurt you! Ignorance is a bliss…

7. Name one of your good habits.

    I wash my own plate after I eat.

8. If you could live in another era, which would it be and why?

    The 70’s!!!! So I can wear all those kewl t-shirts and big huge bell bottom jeans! I’m a hippie (my mom always complains that I’m too ‘colorful’).

9. What is your New Year’s resolution?

     To do watever NY resolutions that I haven’t done yet… I have a very long list!

10. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be and why?

      Jawapan yang mulia: world peace

      Jawapan yang sebenar: to have more wishes of course!

Polka dot kecil, polka dot besar


Am so not in the mood to work this week. The weather is excellent for skipping work and watch DVD all day at home. My mom went to London, my in-laws went for Hajj and my sister is back in KK to look after my grandparents. SIGH… I’m looking forward for this weekend. If everything goes well, there’ll be a small gathering with my UIA posse… If not, I’m most probably be going out to watch ‘Enchanted’ with the other Urguls. SIGH… Or else, I’ll be at home, watching DVDs, playing with Khadeeja, playing games… SIGH… I need to stop sighing… SIGH…….

I think I need a holiday.

At least have a realistic reason…

As you all kno, I only support animal rights group, orphans and specific illnesses NGOs. Despite growing up with hardcore politicians in the family, I refuse to submit myself into anything that relates to politics. I just don’t see the benefit of it. Every single person is entitled to their own opinion. I respect other beliefs, other differences and their political views. But with the recent rallies happened in KL, I feel Malaysian government is getting weaker.

First rally, the oppositions decided it was time for them to voice out the need of a ‘clean’ electoral system. COME ON! There will NEVER be a clean election. The world revolves around money. We ask for lower fuel price. We ask for better education. We ask for better roads. Reduce money, lesser cost, road upgrade needs money… So how clean can it get? Some actually brought their children to the rally. Leave the children out of this. If you want a clean election, start with your own party. Try having a ‘clean’ campaign in the next election. By clean, I mean, get volunteers to put up posters and stuff. I bet those volunteers will get all this youngsters and give them RM10 each to post it up for them. No one would do it for free!

Yesterday’s rally… I’m rolling my eyes as I’m typing this paragraph. Again I stress, I have no interest in any racial/political group. But why would you want to fight for something that is unnecessary? With all due respect, are you trying to say that you are being oppressed here in Malaysia? Take it up with the government then! You should be thankful that the British took your ancestors here. Otherwise, you’ll be sleeping with the cows under the stars in a foul smelling box. Do not put yourself in the spotlight for some unrealistic cause.

My apologies to anybody who is offended by this entry. I’m just unhappy with how things are in Malaysia nowadays. I do not want my child to grow up in a society that act upon impulse and not think it through. Most of us grew up knowing Malaysia as a peaceful country. You hardly hear anything like this during Dr M’s era. Why oh why I wonder??? Again, a million apologies to all who feels that this is too harsh. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view. These are mine…

You can’t improve perfection!


What is wrong with people nowadays? You dress your kid in pink and flowers, and they dare ask ‘perempuan ke lelaki?’. Blind is it? Call me super-sensitive but after the 5th time of answering stupid question, you tend to get a little bit feisty. Yesterday was ultimatum of it. I don’t care if this is rude but MY GOD… How dumb can you be?! Orang bandar ke, orang kampung ke, orang muda ke, orang tua ke, I DON’T CARE!!!! So here goes the conversation:

Person: Perempuan ke lelaki?

Me: Perempuan (and khadeeja was wearing a pink polka-dot pyjamas… Duh!)

Person: Ye ke? Ingatkan lelaki. Muka dia macam lelaki.

Me: ….speechless… (palui! belingau! &*^@$#$!&^%!!!)

Sigh… I dunno wat’s going on with the world. Girls wear pinky, ruffles, and flowers. Boys wear blue, trucks and cars, and seluar askar, for God sake!!!

But today, someone made my day… I’d like to thank that person and may you be blessed the whole of your life!

Me: I think I’m going to get earrings for my daughter.

Person: That’s nice. but isn’t she too small?

Me: Everyone kept asking if she’s a girl or a boy. I’m getting antsy answering stupid question.

Person: Huh?! She look exactly like you and you’re a girl.

Me: I AGREE!!!

Person: Don’t worry about that… I mean, she looks fine… You can’t improve perfection you know…

I’m forever going to be happy and to all the du******ss out there. Brriiing it on!!!!


Pirates of the Laut Cina Selatan


Introducing Captain Jackie Sparrow and her crews…

dsc00507.jpg Only 1 crew member… Heheheheh…

Finally, I managed to go to the annual dinner. Food was okay but too slow (by 10.30pm, we have yet to eat rice!). The entertainmant was great (the paper dolls are excellent! some of them are really pretty). The Amex Idol was fun (I thought Su Yin could actually win the thing. Benny, if you are reading, you are a performer. The second song was not very good tho. But you kno I love you, kan?! heh). Shamsul, why were you so nervous?

Anyways, that’ll be the first and last time I’m going to any company’s social event. It’s not my cuppa tea…

Tagged: 8 random facts/habits

Thanks Esah!!! I lurve all this nonsense… These are the rules for this particular tag:

1. Each blogger must post these rules

2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves

3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

So… 8 random facts about me:

  • I’m a very shy person (despite watever it is that u guys are going to say…). Hence the not so very social life. I tend to stick to only few friends and not liking going out in a big group because I don’t kno how to divide my attention to everyone. That is also why I’m not a teacher… Heh…
  • I learned how to read hangul (Korean alphabets) from the internet in exactly 9 hours… Remember there was one time when Jason David, Jeehan, and myself were loaned to the TSC to do calls for the Platinum cardholders? One of those days, I was so fed up with the calls, I decided to learn something new. So in exactly 9 hours (1 whole working day), I printed out the alphabets and by the end of the day, I could read CNN- Korean version… It was also because I was so into Korean dramas. Wanted to learn the languange and I did, for a year…
  • I make fun of everything. Names, appearence, grammatical errors… I think it’s a form of defence mechanism. When you are not perfect, you tend to make fun of your ‘unperfectness’. That’s how we cope with things. Otherwise, we’d be too depress to even get up from the bed… Agree or not?
  • My kid has the same habit as me. We like to ‘pant’ like a dog when we try to be cute or hungry. Abu is having a very difficult time with this because we are too cute too resist. I got into the habit after watching Gilmore Girls. Lorelai did the panting when the fiancee was picking up a wedding ring for her.
  • I’m more of a worker bee. Can’t lead for s**t! I can’t even give the correct direction to my house!
  • I secretly love to cook. I’m not a good cook but not a bad one either. I’m the person who you bring to food tasting and could tell you what’s what. Recently I started making kek lapis kukus. I always knew that I knew how to do one. What I didn’t kno, is that I actually have the patience to do it. Do you kno how long it takes to do one? Satu lapisan yang sangat halus takes 15 minutes to cook. So imagine 20 lapis…
  • I only eat dark chocolate.
  • The first album that I bought was Charlie Brown – Snoopy’s OST.

 Now I tag Cat, Ly-d, Nina, Widie, Ida, Elynor, Boo (post it in the comment box), and Shanky.

So we are having a masquerade party…

The theme for our annual dinner this year… I won’t be able to compare the dinners since this will be my FIRST annual dinner with the company. What? You thought I’ve worked in Amex since I was little? Yes I did… I just didn’t go for any annual dinners… So this year, I’m making an effort to look good for the party (stop laughing Cat… You’ll be sitting right next to me…).

So what is a MASQUERADE party? According to Wikipedia, it is a something, something party, with something, something costume, and a mask… To sum up, it’s a costume party with a mask. Our annual dinner committee doesn’t allow any superhero mask (I wanted to wear Mikael’s ultraman mask… Shikes!). And we are not supposed to look like an escapee from a halloween party (Cat, you have to cross out that leather cat suit that you were thinking of wearing). Hmmm… What am I supposed to wear? Everything I own looks like a halloween costume. Sigh…

Thinking about all this makes me feel like NOT going. I know Boo and Fify will be angry. They got me a kewl mask to supposedly go with my costume (I was thinking of wearing a suit instead of a dress…)… Susah sangat, I’ll come as Ninja KPG (Kain-Pelikat-Girl)… Heh… So people… There’s still chance that I might back out and stay at home watching TV. But since some of my frens will be singing that nite, I’ll be there to support (or laugh) at them.

dsc00481.jpg —> Ninja KPG on the prowl… Wachaaaaaa!



Today, I’d like to introduce you to my new obsession; Mick St John. He is tall, very attractive, deep voice… And he’s a vampire… Moonlight is a new CBS TV series about a vampire (the good looking dude played by Alex O’Loughlin), who is also a Private Investigator. How corny can it get?! But wait! He is most definitely having some sort of a scandal with this reporter girl, who, when she was little, was almost killed by another vampire, but then was saved by none other than Mick St John (even the name is sexy!). Who cares how the story goes?!!! I’m just happy to waste 40 minutes of my time watching Mick St John… By the way, it’s not airing in Malaysia yet. I’m currently downloading it via iTunes…

It’s not as interesting as Supernatural. The stories are basic investigative drama. Someone died, reporter busy body wants to kno the story, Mick will help using his super-vampire powers… Blahblahblah… Again… Why oh why am I watching it and why oh why am I telling everyone to watch it as well??? —> MICK ST JOHN… Sigh…

Mari belajar bahasa…

Today, I’m teaching ya’ll a few lingo from Sabah…

Limpas: lalu, pass by

“Bas pigi bandar sudah limpas kah?”

*However, you cannot use ‘limpas’ in ‘tumpang lalu’. There’s no such thing as ‘tumpang limpas’

Ambuk: Monyet, monkey

“Duduklah diam-diam. Jangan lompat-lompat macam ambuk!”

*I think this word is taken from Brunei-lingo

Bisai: cantik, kacak, good looking

“Bisai juga Si Jensen Ackles tu…”

*Same like ambuk, taken from Brunei-lingo

 Sumandak: gadis, girl

“Sumandak di sini putih-putih semuanya.”

* Kadazan-lingo

Palui: bodoh, stupid

Belingau: same as palui

“Eeeh! Palui nya! Itu pun ndak tahu buat kah?!”

“Belingau betul si anu tu. Suruh bikin kopi pun ndak tahu.”

* Not sure where these came from…

That’s all for today. I shall try to fork out more lingos for us to learn…