Pirates of the Laut Cina Selatan


Introducing Captain Jackie Sparrow and her crews…

dsc00507.jpg Only 1 crew member… Heheheheh…

Finally, I managed to go to the annual dinner. Food was okay but too slow (by 10.30pm, we have yet to eat rice!). The entertainmant was great (the paper dolls are excellent! some of them are really pretty). The Amex Idol was fun (I thought Su Yin could actually win the thing. Benny, if you are reading, you are a performer. The second song was not very good tho. But you kno I love you, kan?! heh). Shamsul, why were you so nervous?

Anyways, that’ll be the first and last time I’m going to any company’s social event. It’s not my cuppa tea…

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