You can’t improve perfection!


What is wrong with people nowadays? You dress your kid in pink and flowers, and they dare ask ‘perempuan ke lelaki?’. Blind is it? Call me super-sensitive but after the 5th time of answering stupid question, you tend to get a little bit feisty. Yesterday was ultimatum of it. I don’t care if this is rude but MY GOD… How dumb can you be?! Orang bandar ke, orang kampung ke, orang muda ke, orang tua ke, I DON’T CARE!!!! So here goes the conversation:

Person: Perempuan ke lelaki?

Me: Perempuan (and khadeeja was wearing a pink polka-dot pyjamas… Duh!)

Person: Ye ke? Ingatkan lelaki. Muka dia macam lelaki.

Me: ….speechless… (palui! belingau! &*^@$#$!&^%!!!)

Sigh… I dunno wat’s going on with the world. Girls wear pinky, ruffles, and flowers. Boys wear blue, trucks and cars, and seluar askar, for God sake!!!

But today, someone made my day… I’d like to thank that person and may you be blessed the whole of your life!

Me: I think I’m going to get earrings for my daughter.

Person: That’s nice. but isn’t she too small?

Me: Everyone kept asking if she’s a girl or a boy. I’m getting antsy answering stupid question.

Person: Huh?! She look exactly like you and you’re a girl.

Me: I AGREE!!!

Person: Don’t worry about that… I mean, she looks fine… You can’t improve perfection you know…

I’m forever going to be happy and to all the du******ss out there. Brriiing it on!!!!


5 thoughts on “You can’t improve perfection!

  1. relax ziah… u can’t shut people mouth anyway 😉 imtiyaz gets mistaken for a girl all the time, and yes, even when he’s wearing trucks prints and army pants!

  2. emee says:

    what can u say about the society….memang dasar tak reti bahasa most of the times.even children are not excluded.anyway i think ur daugther looks like a girl…n she is cute.

  3. true… sometimes people are so dumb.. i feel like knockin’ em on their heads… otak ada akai takdak…

    takkan le ko nak perverted sangat dress a boy in pink… no parent is that evil… once he grows up and thinks he a metrosexual who can carry off wearing a pink shirt to work.. that’s his own call …

    in my case, brought kakak (when she was 2 yrs old) to mothercare klcc.. she was wearing this aborable dress.. and yet, the staff bleh tanya… ‘dia girl ke boy?’ .. granted – i just cut her hair supershort (botak in fact) but HULOOOOOOOOOOO… didn’t u notice the dress?!!

  4. naziah says:

    i kno!!!!!!!! it’s just insensitive of these type of ppl to blurt it out like that. i get super agitated when ppl does that… sigh…

  5. modd says:

    the same case here…

    mummy ni punye ler dress up anak, kan…dengan dressnya, flower-power nya corak, gelang tangan, gelang kaki bagai….

    alih-alih….’anak you boy ke??’….ohh..sedihnya!

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