Kayangan… Not so heavenly after all!


I don’t usually watch Malay movies. Reasons? Bad storyline, bad scripts, me not getting the joke… etc… Malaysian actors are not that bad actually. It’s just bad scripts that makes ’em look bad. So last weekend I was in the mood to watch something and bought myself Kayangan (the vcd). This is an example of those bad storyline stuff that I always try to avoid wasting my time on. It’s so cliche! Royalty met kampung girl. Kampung girl is a smartmouth (Sociology grad la konon…) who dislike the dude at first but later liked him. Baddies in the movie is a beeyotch girlfriend. They use words like patik, santap… YUCKS! Even Sultan Pahang doesn’t speak like that (I saw him on TV when Kuantan kena banjir. He grabbed the microphone and addressed himself as ‘saya’. How kewl is that?!).

Back to the story, the scripts seems to be ‘unfinished’. I mean, the characters seems to be unfinished. What I cannot accept is the fact that ntah bila tiba-tiba pulak the prince fell in love with the kampung girl… When the girlfriend was caught red-handed cheating, suddenly la pulak the prince decided he likes the kampung girl… ???

What I like about the movie is the soundtrack. Good songs… They even have Ning Baizura singing in it (I lurve Ning!). I think Fazura is a good actress. And not to mention the anak muda (my mom refers all movie heroes as anak muda), is cute and tall. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this to other people. Whoever wants to watch can pinjam my vcd….  My favourite Malay movie? Layar Lara and Selubung. Good scripts, good storyline, excellent actors!

Anyway, here’s another trivia taken from Esah’s blog. I’m not going to tag anyone today. Feel free to re-post in your blogs if you have nothing better to write about… I’d love to read it!

1. What’s always in your fridge?

    Air sejuk, chocolates, eggs… Err… Normal groceries la… I don’t keep weird stuff in the   fridge…

2. Lecturers make the best…

    … teachers?…

3. What’s the biggest misconception about you?

     I’m never serious… People ALWAYS think I’m joking around (even when I get angry!)

4. What is my current obsession?

     Other than pretty boys, coffee and cats? Getting home on time before Khadeeja goes to sleep so that I can play with her…

5. If you could be a man for a day, who would it be and why?

    Johnny Depp! So that I can feel how it is to be a cool person every single moment.

6. What do you wish you had answers to?

    Nothing… What you don’t kno won’t hurt you! Ignorance is a bliss…

7. Name one of your good habits.

    I wash my own plate after I eat.

8. If you could live in another era, which would it be and why?

    The 70’s!!!! So I can wear all those kewl t-shirts and big huge bell bottom jeans! I’m a hippie (my mom always complains that I’m too ‘colorful’).

9. What is your New Year’s resolution?

     To do watever NY resolutions that I haven’t done yet… I have a very long list!

10. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be and why?

      Jawapan yang mulia: world peace

      Jawapan yang sebenar: to have more wishes of course!

3 thoughts on “Kayangan… Not so heavenly after all!

  1. oh i know..its one of those movies where u need to actively use your imagination and draw your own conclusions. good what. makes you think (unless you fall asleep, la)

  2. I love Fazura! Nak pinjam Kayangan… He he he. My favorite Malay movie of all time is also Layar Lara, plus Soal Hati. And I love the Malay movies in the 70s and 80s… zaman Sikit Punya Gila, Dewi Cinta, Ali Setan and Gila2 Remaja. They sure don’t make Malay movies they way it used to be…

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