The Alphabet Trivia


Since I don’t have anything interesting to write, here’s another trivia taken from Esah…  

 The Alphabet Trivia

[A] – AVAILABLE: Tomorrow I’m free… Can go watch movie… (Watchoo mean I got the question wrong?!!!!!) 
[B] – BIRTHDAY: 5.6.78

[C] – CONFUSED ABOUT:  Kenaikan harga parking di sekitar KL. The outdoor parking next to The Weld used to be RM8 for early birds… Now it’s RM15 ever since the other parking lot closed down. Cekik darah nak mampus!
[D] – DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Kopi susu… Still drinking it actually.
[E] – EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Cat and Marina… They just ignore me, so watever stupid things I say go unnoticed! Phew!!!

[F] – FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS: Johnny Depp has got the best taste in choosing the characters he plays. So very dramatic! Either he’s dirty, or weird, but never hot… Except for in Chocolat… Super-hawt!

[G] – GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Worms… I try not to eat endangered animals. 
[H] – HOMETOWN: Kota Kinabalu
[I] – INSTRUMENT: Rekorder, kastenet…
[J] – JUICE: Avacado + susu… Excellent!
[K] – KILLED SOMEONE: I made a few people cry. I kill their soul!!!! hehehheheh….
[L] – LONGEST CAR RIDE: Kuantan to KL. In between we were stuck in Fraser’s Hill back road when we try to avoid the mudslide at the highway…. To make things worst, pokok tumbang and about 30 cars were stuck in between nowhere!!! Scariest night of my life!

[N] – NUMBER OF PETS: Mancis (kucing kurus), Comel (kucing kecil), and Pinky (ikan laga)

[O] – ONE WISH?: To have endless money so I can build a school for the orphans and a farm for unwanted animals.

[Q] – QUIET OR LOUD: Very quiet… If I dunno people, they’d think I’m a very calm and quiet person… I only make noise when I’m with friends.

[R] – REASONS TO SMILE: It’s friday… I’m going back to KK in 11 days… Kady’s all better from the fever… My huge Starbucks ‘Sabah’ coffee cup…
[S] – SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE?: Even when I was single, I don’t mingle that much. I look for what I want, aim it, and shoot…  
[T] – TIME YOU WOKE UP: 5am… That’s when Kady wakes up and wants to watch Higglytown Heroes…
[U ] – UNDER THE SEA: That’s where Princess Ariel lives with Sebastian, Flounder, and King Tritan…
[V] – VIOLENT: I’d like to say no. Physically, I don’t go hitting anybody. I cuss a lot tho… Especially when driving. Stupid ignorant people… IKUT KIRI JIKA TIDAK MEMOTONG!

[W] – WORST HABIT: Cannot stop drinking coffee. I’m trying  my best to cut off my kopi intake from everyday to maybe 3 times a week. Keyword here is ‘trying’… I’m failing!
[X] – X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: Can’t remember. Masa nak masuk kerja dulu kot. 

[Z] – ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini


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