Day 4 – In total zen…

I think in any kind of sickness, the key to ‘happiness’ is not to dwell. When you ignore the pain, it’ll go away in it’s own. That’s what I did. I’m in total zen with the pain. I’ve been eating nothing but porridge for 3 days. If anyone feed me porridge again, I’m gonna have to kill them. In the lights of my zen-ness and to show my rebellious side, I ate maggi this morning. And now… I pay for that… My throat hurts as if I just ate kulit durian. But ya’kno what?! It was worth the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!

One thought on “Day 4 – In total zen…

  1. U know what Ziah? Both my kids are now recovering from HFMD. No idea where Mariessa got it from. (Afiq obviously got it from her). I suspect ada la kot kids in the neighbourhood yang kena. First doctor thought it was measles. Then confirmed HFMD. The only lucky thing was, somehow both my kids makan like nothing happened! Bila doctor check, dalam mulut ada like 4-5 ulcers kat lelangit alone! Alhamdulillah, now dah ok.. ada kesan2 rashes sikit je.

    So, hang in there girl! InsyaAllah, you’ll get well real soon. I sure pray Kady won’t get it from you.

    Take care!

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