Orang kampung


 I’ve never seen myself as ‘budak kampung’ my whole life. Bukan cakap besar, tapi I was born in the middle of bandar Kota Kinabalu, membesar di tengah-tengah hutan in Sandakan, and di bentuk di atas Bukit Merbah, berhadapan dengan kubur Gurkha & kubur Kristian. And now, I’m working right smacked in the heart of KL, in between KLCC and KL Tower. I live 10 minutes from Sunway Pyramid and Subang Parade. My ‘kampung’ is called TAMAN BDC phase III, Kolombong. It’s not even a kampung! It’s a taman for heaven sake…. The closest to a real kampung that I have now is my in-laws place in Kuantan. A nice Felda settling that I adore. There’s no pagar to separate the houses. The air is nice and crispy… Sigh…

Anywhos, back to what I actually wanted to share with you today… Yesterday, as usual, I take the LRT back from KLCC to Asia Jaya. I dunno if it’s my luck, but I ALMOST ALWAYS get the chance to ‘tegur’ budak-budak muda yang berlaku sumbang di dalam khalayak ramai. Yes… I do that… I told these kids off if they are making me (since nobody else bother to say it out loud… ), feel icky… I usually start with “Dik, ni dah kawin ke?” or “Dik, mak bapak tahu ke adik macam ni?”. 100% after that, they will just get off from the train on the next stop. Yes… I’m cruel. But if I don’t say anything, I consider myself bersubahat dengan perbuatan sumbang diorang. What? Of course I was also young once (still very much young as well). I’m not saying I’m an angel, but what you do behind closed doors is between you and God. Whatever you do in public, is between you and everyone who sees… This is not the ‘holding-hand’ thingy okay… This is serious like ‘lets-f**k-here-and-now’ act. (*O*)

To make my story short, yesterday, for the first time, it wasn’t me who told these people off. See the picture above? How can people sit next to you if you duduk like your father own the LRT (not to disrespect the parents but I’m pretty sure the guy don’t even have more than 1k in his bank account!!!). Sudah tu, bising macam he was in his own living room la! I was wearing my headphone but my ipod was off. The dude was like “hey kak, dengar lagu apa tu? best ke?”, and the 2 girls with him was giggling away. He was talking and laughing so hard, I feel like slapping him. And then, when 1 of the girl-friend ask him to slow down, he made this comment “sorila! aku budak kampung. tak biasa gi bandar ni.”… That was it… I was ready to move, but someone strike first before me. This was his words:

“Sedara… Maaf ye, sedara kata sedara orang kampung. Tapi orang kampung tak duduk macam ni. Orang kampung ni beradab sopan.”



…”Lain kali jangan cakap macam tu. Kesian orang kat kampung. Nanti semua ingat orang kampung ni tak beradab pulak. Saya ni orang kampung jugak….”….

Damn it was good! I left the train before I know what was the outcome of the teguran. But the dude was senyap after that and the girls were so red! Cat got your tongue now eh? Padan muka!!!!!!!!

Pengajaran pada hari ini: 

  1. Jangan guna alasan ‘saya orang kampung’ to refer to your lack of brain. I’m pretty sure, if orang kampung dia dengar, definitely dia kena baling batu punya la!
  2. Jangan buat benda tidak senonoh in public. There are people like me out there…
  3. Kepada yang melihat, jangan duduk diam-diam saja… It’s your responsibility NOT to ignore… If you don’t want to do anything about it (not everyone is comfortable doing what I do best; shout and stare… hehehe), just walk away… Far, far away… 

 I hope government or the LRT people would do something about this. It’s not a beautiful sight….. 

9 thoughts on “Orang kampung

  1. naziah says:

    you will not believe your eyes…. berani betul la budak2 sekarang ni… ada yg nuzzling the neck, and there was once i saw, tangan lelaki masuk baju girl… and the girl pulak pakai tudung… sad aaa?

  2. psychopsychowateveridunnohowtospellit says:

    punya la cacat derang2 nie….kalau sya ada sana…urmmm ada la jua berbiru muka nya tu tawwwwww…

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha. Lawak siut. Aku nda tahan lah baca cerita kau ni. I think this is one of your bestest entry! 😀 Bah… lain kali aku pun mau marah lah jugak. Melampau betul!

  4. zezz says:

    u rule, diud!!!

    aku dlm komuter pun kdg2 tak tahan dgr err illegal/legal aliens bukak lagu diorg kuat2…one of these days i’ll ask them to use their earphones instead…see? that’s what i’ve become…i tell them, not tell them off.

    *sigh* gone were the days when i can make ppl run away just by staring them ahahahaha

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