So… It’s that time of the year again eh?


No… not for the election… 🙂

The 2 hour premier of American Idol season 7 was yesterday. As you all kno, we went through last season together and we are going to do it again this year. Simon looked tired and more serious this year. Randy needs to shave off the goatee and the sideburn. Paula… Ms Paula Abdul… I like her… I like her ‘Rush Rush’ video…. I like the man in her ‘Rush Rush’ video…

So my friends… Pack up all your work before 6pm every Wednesday from now on!!!!

p/s: to those who missed, repeats are at 8pm and 11pm (I think… Err… better check your buku astro).

4 thoughts on “So… It’s that time of the year again eh?

  1. Shanky says:

    i watched it yest – it’s SOOOOOOOO annoying with all the wannabe ppls making utter and absolute fools of themselves on national TV..OMG..can u imagine on top of everything the idiot’s parents,grandparents,uncles,aunts,kids,dog all also come along to cheer/jeer for them..


  2. This year’s audition is still as hilarious as ever. My top two was the dorky Star Wars girl and the gross, hairy man parading around in his ‘costume’! Creepy! Ha ha ha ha. I am looking forward to tonight’s show… 🙂 Once it starts, keep the reviews coming OK Jiah? 😉

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