Don’t be rude aaa?!


 Another good topic to share… Idiotic-parking-stealers (IPS)…. You kno… When you already signal to masuk a parking space. And out of nowhere, a car zoomed in and steal your parking right in front of your eyes. That happened to us on Thaipusam day @ Carrefour Subang Jaya. See that car up there? They stole our parking space. Abu was so pissed off, he rolled the window down and;

“Hello miss! You didn’t see us waiting already here is it?”

… The girls were smiling and just said sorry and left in a hurry…

“Next time don’t be rude aaaa!!!!”

… And they just left without even having any sense of guilt….

Nasib baik the car next to it was about to go out as well. At that point, I wanted to scratch their car or steal their tayar… I hate ignorant people…

If you are in this situation (being the IPS… sometimes, it’s just an honest mistake…), if there’s no other parking available, I suggest you back out and give the parking back. You may never kno what would happen to your car when you come back. The girls were lucky because I was with family at that time. I wouldn’t want Khadeeja to see the  dark side of her mommy! Otherwise, they would definitely have to buy a new tayar……………..

On a lighter note, I was taking pictures of the moon outside of my house. Me being very tiny and midgety, couldn’t get a nice shot. Abu got this one for me and I love it! And also, that night, I had a weird dream involving the moon, myself, Cat and Emmyza (I dunno why)…. Apparently, Cat and I were walking in the streets of New York (*0*)…. And we were sucked up to the moon, and where we saw Emmyza who was working for Maybank on the moon and she told us that all Maybank operates from the moon now. And we were offered a job there. We took it and if we want to go back to earth, we can take the bus…..


3 thoughts on “Don’t be rude aaa?!

  1. pyerudz says:

    che, you cant or will not get a good picture of the moon with that compact digital camera yours or any other compact digicams.
    you need a trusty Digital SLR camera. aku pun takde beb, sebab tu aku tak amek gambo bulan hahahaha…

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