My Monday Morning

Here’s an excerpt of my conversation with an AmAssurance agent this morning:

Me: I’m calling in to report I haven’t received the second cheque you sent me.

AA: Okay miss, can I have your IC #?

Me: 780605…

AA: 680605…

Me: No! 780605…

AA: 760605…

Me: Excuse me. It’s 780605…

AA: 780505…

Me: @#$!%^*&^(….


After the fourth try, the agent finally got my IC # right…

AA: Okay Ms Naziah, yang ini saya kena buat investigation dulu, boleh bagi saya sedikit masa?

Me: How long do I have to wait this time?

AA: 2 hari.

Me: It takes THAT long for you to contact your accounts department? Anyway, they already called me last week to ask if I received my cheque or not. So I ALREADY kno that they ALREADY sent out the cheque on January 8.

AA: Okay… So now what do you want me to do Ms Naziah?

Me: Like I said in the beginning of the call, I’m calling to INFORM YOU THAT I DID NOT RECEIVE THE CHEQUE.

AA: Hmmm… Let me see… Yes, they have sent out the cheque on January 8…

By that, if I could strangle the agent, I would’ve done it…..

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