And the drama continues…



Yesterday, I put up a complaint in their website and I was impressed when someone actually replied me in the afternoon. I was thinking, ‘I was wrong about their service’…

This morning, I got another email asking to confirm my address. And I was thinking again, ‘Great! I’ll be getting my cheque by this week!’. And then, the nice lady who replied my email called and told me ‘Ms Naziah, there seems to be a problem with the cheque. Our accounts department sent it to your old address in Shah Alam’. WTF?!!!! Since she was so nice, I did not swear or call them names. I was just angry at my normal level. After the call, I received another call from a dude (I think he’s from the accounts dept). Here’s my conversation with the SOB;

SOB: Ms Naziah, I have a letter here that requested us to send the cheque to this address in Shah Alam. I can fax you the letter now as proof (arrogantly he said that to me)

Me: What’s the date on the letter? I already confirm with 4 of your agents that what you have on your system is my current address. Can I ask you, what address do YOU have on YOUR system?

SOB: Your Subang Jaya address… And the letter was dated back in October 2007…

Me: And then? Why did you send it to my old address when you already have my new address? (I was already shouting at this point)

SOB: Takpe lah (Takpelah?!!! What Takpe lah?!!!!!)… Macam ni Ms Naziah, since the courier service have your phone number, bila dia sampai to your old address, and you are not there, dia akan call you punya handphone and you boleh arrange lah dengan dia mana you nak ambil cheque tu. Kat ofis diorang ke, kat address baru you ke….

Me: ………………………………………………………….

SOB: Your phone number is 01….

Me: Why would you want to send the courier guy to an address where I don’t live anymore?!!!!!!!!!! 

All hell break loose at that point…. He was really a dumbass (Khadeeja, if you are reading this when you are old enough, mommy is bloody angry and you CANNOT use that word until after you are 21 years old!). I’m itching to take legal action now…. Or write a letter to their Directors and get him terminated. Or kidnap him and ask for ransom. Or feed him to the semut api. Bloody stupid fool!!!!

Edit: This is what I want to do;


7 thoughts on “And the drama continues…

  1. ni kira alkaedah ni…hehe…

    dorang ni kekadang memang buat tindakan tak pakai akal kan? menyusahkan orang je.. pastu takkan ko nak kena gi courier office pulak nak collect cheque tu kan? memang mangkuk! aku pun geram gak dgn drama2 sebegini..

  2. exasperating isnt it? u know what, its better to act crazy and all. at least they know there lots of ppl wayyyy crazier than them…but at least not stupid.

    i think i can die when dealing with stupidity.

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