Let’s talk politics…

I have a few things to say about this:

IMO, to be a SUCCESFUL leader in this country, you have to LISTEN to your people, but VETO when you make decisions. Reasons:

  • You can’t please everyone. When you are giving too much options for your people, that’s when the whole group will get back at you like a swarm of bees. You will never be able to give every single person in the country what they want.
  • People like Dr M was able to control his crowd because he vetoed. Although some people might disgaree with the way he hold his fortress, but hey, he did it for how many years again? No offense to Pak Lah’s supporters, but he is too soft. The son in law outshines him. And I bet you, the only thing that we will remember about Pak Lah when he is done is the fact that he got married during his tenure. Again… The keyword here is CONTROL…

For the oppositions, here are some advices:

  • Don’t go promising people that you will lower the oil price. That will never happen. The prices for goods are all based on the world economy. If you don’t sell the oil at a price that is based on the world economy, where will we get our revenues from? Minyak kelapa? What you can do is set up labs and do research for alternative fuel or oil sources…
  • Stop pointing out the government’s weaknesses. Instead, list out the positive things that you can give the people. Example: instead of “The goverment fail to lower the fuel price”, say “We will look into alternative fuel sources”…
  • And you might ask, “How the hell will the oppositions get funding for their research?”… If they really want to rule the country, they will have to find a way to get the cash… Heheheheh…

These are only my humble opinions. And NO, I’m still not voting this year…

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk politics…

  1. am like u – am not registered to vote… been nagged by my parents that what if the opposition needed one vote to swing it to their favor and i could’ve voted..

    to which i responded – how are u sure i will vote the opposition?

    heh.. cian parents aku kan.. nasib tak kena label anak durhaka

  2. I actually registered as a a voter ON my 21st birthday at pos opis ong tai kim gombak.sorta like an ironic birthday present I’m giving myself.*haha*.I’ve been voting, to ‘control’ the seats in Sarawak’s Dewan Undangan Negri thingy.Politics=very sexciting^_^

    Australian politics are LAWAK.

  3. naziah says:

    maybe we shud make our own parti… and we shall call it, PARTI LURVEEEE… the logo will be a huge pink furry heart and our motto is ‘what’s lurveeee got to do with it?!’…. we also dun have to think hard to have a soundtrack becos we can use Tina Turner’s song… ooooohh! and the whole point about the parti is to have Tina Turner as our PM! heheheheh…

  4. Cutie Botax says:

    Parti Lurve… then the whole country/rakyat will turn into hippies… bley jadi ka?? Sitting in the Merdeka Square, half naked, listening to TT’s song… u scratch my back and i’ll scratch urs… wahahahh…. Wicked…

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