I’ve been itching to write something about AI since the start of the auditions, but I see no point in doing that. yesterday, they finally announced the top 24. I’m just not happy the ‘Uncle Kraker’ dude didn’t make it. I thought he was cool… Anywhos, here’s the top 24:


Alaina, Alexandrea, Amanda


Amy, Asia’h, Brooke


Carly, Chikezie, Colton


Danny, David A, David C


David H, Garrett, Jason C


Jason Y, Joanne, Kady


Kristy, Luke, Michael


Ramiele, Robbie, Syesha

I have no favourite as of now. I just hope it’s not one of those ‘Carrie Underwood’ wannabe. That Kristy girl is pretty but she does sound a lot like Carrie. For now, my favourite contestant to LOOK at is Luke… Very good looking… 🙂

One thought on “AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7

  1. My favorite from the girls is Carly and Asi’ah, spunky!! From the boys I like David A, ain’t he just the sweetest thing! There are quite a lot of people they did not feature kan? I barely remember some of them!

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