I don’t have anything good to write


I’ve been down with the flough combo (flu & cough) since last week. It’s terrible. I don’t kno what went wrong but it’s just not going away. My ofis friends have been trying to get rid of me and some time they succeed, other time I pretend to ‘snort’ instead of coughing so they won’t halau me back… And this morning, as I was coughing vigorously, the Director who is seated strategically behind me in his nice cozy room, came out and said ‘You are still at it? I heard you coughing since last week…. Why don’t you go home if you are not feeling well?’. Truth be told, I’d love to go back but I have a gazillion things to do. Our Tokyo trip is roughly in 2 weeks time and I need to complete my February stuff before that. Otherwise, I’ll be carrying my laptop to Disney Sea….

Hmm…. What else do I want to share with you? Last weekend I wanted to see Sweeney Todd, only to discover Sweeney Todd is no longer playing. So Ly-d, maybe we should just wait until the DVD is out. I end up being my mom’s driver on Saturday… I don’t mind driving my mom around. She’s cool. Anyways, I changed my mobile number again. To those who wants to keep my number, it’s 0178784008… Nice haaaa? Thanks to Khalisa for choosing it. Reason why I change from Digi to Maxis? Maxis can roaming and sms roaming and mms roaming almost everywhere, including Japan. So it’ll be easier for people to call us there. And also I liked the number…. 🙂

Okay la… I’m not gonna waste anymore of your time reading uninteresting stuff. This week, I’m sooooo looking forward for American Idol. I think it’s going be an interesting show this year.

6 thoughts on “I don’t have anything good to write

  1. tu la pesal nye.. after i wrote the comment – checked out the showtime listings.. and discovered the painful truth.. that sweeney todd ain’t waiting for us to get to our senses 😛

    dvd it is!

    interested in chick flicks?

  2. Anak kau sebijik macam kau! 😛 I met up with Pak Lan and Meden last week. Will update. P.S: I think this year’s brand of talent is very diverse so yeah, it should be an interesting show. 🙂

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