The boys are singing tonight

2 words… Jason – Castro… Sigh… Those eyes! Those beautiful green or blue or whatever color it is… Sigh…

Back to the main topic, I’m really psyched about this year’s idol. I think this batch has got more talent than any other prior seasons. Not gonna waste your time with chit-chats and straight to my comments.

  1. David Hernandez – He can sing but most probably won’t be in the top 12.
  2. Chikezie – NOBODY gets away with dissing Simon Cowell! I am so discriminative towards this dude. I thought his performance was like a wedding singer. He could’ve picked a better song. I think he will survive this round just because he’s the only black contestant in the group.
  3. David Cook – I think he’s a Chris Daughtry wannabe. The performance was okay but it was SOOOO last season. Rockers are so out!!!
  4. Jason Yeager -Very nice soothing voice. This type of voice is really suitable for Disney soundtrack. Very forgettable though…
  5. Robbie Carrico – I agree with Simon on him. I don’t think he’s a genuine rocker. This one is a definite Bo Bice wannabe. But I think he’s got a good voice. Fair chance to be in top 12.
  6. David Archuleta – His voice sounded a bit like Elliot Yamin. Very, very good singer. If all the grandmas and all the tweens are watching AI, he’s got a good chance to win.
  7. Danny Noriega – So the diva! I think I’d be fun to keep him in the competition. He’s so funny. And a not-so-bad voice actually…
  8. Luke Menard – Good looks doesn’t guarantee a good song picker. He can sing but like in a bar or something. Not a commercial singing voice.
  9. Colton Berry – I prefer his voice than Danny the Diva. But personality wise, DTD has got more attitude. But then again, it would be fun to see him go on in the competition.
  10. Garret Haley – Errr… Did he forgot to wash his face this morning? Not a bad singer but his tangled hair is more noticeable than his performance.
  11. Jason Castro – My absolute favorite.The type of hippie genre and look… He is one good looking hippie with a really good voice.
  12. Michael Johns – Now THIS is a rocker. Not the Daughtry type of rocker. But more of a Chris Cornell kind of rocker.

So who’s going home? I’d love to see Chikezie go but for now, rationally and not emotionally, it’s going to be Luke and Garret.

5 thoughts on “The boys are singing tonight

  1. David Archuleta rawks big time! Not only tweens and old ladies like him… Sigh. How can you resist that sweet, sweet smile and that likable personality?! And he can sing too! Double sigh… 😛

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