What’s with all the rehab?

Nowadays, I think it’s a trend for young Hollywood people to check themselves into rehab. With all the money and glamour in the world, one thing they can afford is to pay someone else to teach them how to impose self-control. So weird… You know what we should have? A rehab for shopaholic. I bet a lot of us will have to enroll. I mean, the world is over populated enough. Those who have self destructive habit should be allowed redemption but let them do what they wanna do. Lesser people, better oxygen for all of us. Hehehhehehehe….. Actually, I still don’t have anything better to write. Not even a gossip. My life is DULL. I go to work, I come back home, play with my kid, watch DVD/TV, eat (or skip dinner), and sleep… Sigh… I need to spice it up a bit. Maybe I should go crazy and NOT sleep instead of not eating. Sigh… I really need a hobby…

3 thoughts on “What’s with all the rehab?

  1. definitely fashionable.. shows them haves all the money to waste.. anywho, how’s this for a hobby. count the stars with ur kid! did that earlier this week with kakak..

    sad , eh?

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