ZzzZZzzzz… The ladies were such a bore!

I’m disappointed with the top 12 ladies performances. I can’t remember half of the show. It was such a bore! I’m not gonna say much about it. The ones that I think were good are Alaina (such a great voice), Ramiele (okay la… Not so shabby for a small creature like her… She’s so small!), Carly (whom I don’t think shouldn’t be in the competition because she already had a recording contract, which means that she can really sing), and Asia’h (very good singer). The rocker chick nurse? She won’t last that long. She’ll probably be in the top 12 but she won’t win.  So who’s going home? Who cares… They all didn’t impress me that much.

Since I have nothing much to say about the ladies, let’s play ‘predict the top 12’. Based on the first performances, here’s my list:

  1. David Archuleta
  2. Michael Johns
  3. Jason Castro
  4. Robbie Carrico
  5. David Cook
  6. Danny Noriega
  7. Syesha Mercado
  8. Ramiele Malubay
  9. Alaina Whitaker
  10. Carly Smithson
  11. Asia’h Epperson
  12. Kady Malloy

And based on this list, most probable to win this season is David Archuleta. I dunno… Watchu think?

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