One down, one to go…


We have 2 important weddings to attend/assist/handle this year. One that just went on perfectly fine was my uncle’s (last Saturday). So congratulations to the newlyweds again. The next one will be in the end of May. All I can say now is, Thank God I’m done with all the hectic wedding planning/schedule. Even if you pay me RM5000, I will NOT do it ever again. Not to mention the stress…. Yucks!

On a lighter note, I’m very much excited about our Tokyo trip next week. As carefully planned (so that I won’t miss Jason Castro singing that week… 🙂 ), I am trying my best to fit in a short visit to Zaza’s. The ‘big’ events for the trip will be Disney Sea and Gotemba (Premium Outlet warehouse). The rest will be spend around town (Zoo, parks, temples… shopping…)…. I’m bloody excited!!!!

What else can I share with you people? Hmmmm…. Angelina Jolie is pregnant again, JLo gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl), Edison Chen ‘retired’ (he’s a pervert and a jerk!), David Hernandez of AI is gay (checkout, kempen for the election started already (some opposition leaders are saying ‘why not let people have their say by doing rallies?’…. My answer: this is not Indonesia… And the government pulak playing it dirty by advertising a really bad campaign ad on TV saying that ‘one party is actually posing as different parties’… WTF?! My opinion: the media should not take side….), there’s a nestle vending machine in Carrefour Subang Jaya that sells milo which taste like milo-van-sukan-sekolah (you know… van milo yang datang during sukan sekolah…. and it only cost 80sen! I was so psyched!)….

There you go… Still nothing much to write… Oh! And my ikan laga died last Saturday. What’s so special about this ikan laga you might ask… Well my friends, if you had any experience with fish-petting, they usually don’t last more than 3 months… My ikan laga lasted ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!! It actually died of old age…. iskiskisk….. And Ucin, I already DID the tag that you tagged me on…. I think it was last year……

11 thoughts on “One down, one to go…

  1. i miss the cold milo from the vending machine!!!tekan and the milo is ready..and the best thing its FREE!!that was before skrg kena buat sendiri coz i’m now at home 24-7 looking after the kids and masak and manage rumah and buat laundry and ..and..and…

    our trip to KK and Kundasang was great!!we had that camel trophy ride mcm Co-op pnya trip to cameron highlands masa skolah dulu..gila excited masa nmpk gng kinabalu..jakun from semenanjung amik gmbr mcm nak rak..

    enjoy your trip dear!

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