They did it again… And again… And again…


Seriously… What’s wrong with these people? Without even the slightest rasa segan and malu… Kalau tak malu dengan tuhan (God knows what they do behind closed doors), malu la sikit dengan orang sekeliling. See picture above? This time around, they were actually KISSING in the lrt, in front of everyone. I think they were lucky because I was too excited to collect my Tokyo tickets @ KL sentral and was not in the mood to do any emotional damage at all…. Again, my plea to the lrt management, you have to do something about this. Public transportation is not a place for you to have ‘romantic moments’. Holding hands, I don’t care, but kissing in public is way too much! YUCKS!!!! This is why I prefer to take the bus home. You don’t see this kind of absurd behaviours in the bus. Why? I dunno… IMO, maybe because less locals takes the bus (at least my route back home). I always find that the bus to Sunway is full with foreigners. And they are actually much politer than the locals. They always give me seat….

8 thoughts on “They did it again… And again… And again…

  1. ida says:

    kakak jiah! hari tu depan aku btol2 masa tgh beratur nak beli donut jco yang sedap menjilat siku tu pun ada org buat keje tak senonoh camni gak.. aku pun tak paham, dia nak beli donut ke apa.. sekolah tak abis jadi camtu la… FYI, aku dah ada blog gak… jemput la singgah, sumenya kerana ko la sbg sumber inspirasi… heheh…

  2. naziah says:

    From KLCC to KL Sentral…. I really dont know wats going on in those brains… rasa cam nak sepak je…. Junida, aku dah add blog kau!

  3. Ziah-dahling, you should’ve tepuk tangan kowat-kowat sambil wewiitttt deyrang, and encourage other passengers to do the same.And while they’re either 1)tersipu2 nak mati or 2)basking in your tepukan puji-pujian time tu lah paling best if you want to (1)baling slipar at them (2)ambik gambar with them and say ‘JAIS’ *click!* *(3)the guy in your AKU-ORANG-KAMPONG article will miraculously pop up and say something worth-remembering to those sangap couple.

    Ah, LRT…tersangatlah sexciting.

  4. wow…
    again? and u always catch them in the act. i biasa nampak they all meraba-raba each other, sampai kissing tu melampau la…

    ingat kasih sayang la tu, nafsu jer sebenar yer

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