I think the winner for AI is very obvious…



… and they should just stop the show and give the title to David Archuleta. I’m a devoted fan of Jason Castro but realistically, I think he will be the first few to go out once they are in the top 12. I’m also a very picky Beatles/Lennon fan. I love their songs as sung by only them and only a few performances by other artists that I fancy. But this version of ‘Imagine’ was fantastic. I think this boy will be a bigger success than any other idol winner. Even if he doesn’t win the grammys, his fan base is so huge! He’s the next ‘Zac Efron’ (or even better than Zac Efron).

Enough about that… Let’s go straight to my list. This week I’ll rank it up from my favorite performance.

  1. David Archuleta – Very touching and very emotional… The vocal was really good.
  2. Jason Castro – Still my favorite. I love the whole performance. It wasn’t as strong as last week but still very likable.
  3. David Cook – The performance was good. The talking back to Simon was not!
  4. Danny Noriega – He’s so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his attitude!
  5. David Hernandez – Not so bad…
  6. Chikezie – Better than last week. Still not liking his attitude.
  7. Robbie Carrico – I agree with Simon and Randy. He still don’t convince me that he’s a rocker dude.
  8. Michael Johns – Very sumbang gitu! Not very good this week.
  9. David Yeager – I think this dude makes terrible song choices. His voice is not bad actually.
  10. Luke Menard – So the very the theatrical. The voice was so bingit. Very disturbing performance.

So who’s going out? I think the bottom 2 on my list. But I’m not surprised if suddenly Robbie or Chikezie is out as well…

3 thoughts on “I think the winner for AI is very obvious…

  1. Marina says:

    I agree!! Just love tht David Watchamacallit’s voice. I dont know why but that Danny noriega somehow just reminds me of Benny….

  2. zezz says:

    Michael tu yg suka main tennis ke?

    when he started singing, i was thrilled since i LOVE that song but halfway i thought ‘o-oh, wrong song’, and Simon later agreed with me! ha ha ha.

    and what’s the name of the skinny boy with horrible hair?

  3. Ziah, i just found out that Australia is never gonna air AMERICAN IDOL..because of AUSTRALIAN IDOL.somehow the orang media here decided that its adequate that they show the barack obama-clinton-mcCain election updates on australian tv, and in their quest to mengOstoliakan the viewers, they stop airing american reality shows INCLUDING So you think you can dance (American version, which IMHO, lagi best and jogetlicious than the australian counterpart).Woman, i am forever devoid of AMERICAN IDOL experience.

    p/s dreadlocks dia so menggoda lah.I bet he had it to cover his pretty-boy face!*haha*.

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