A sad note from the author


My dear friends,

Last week, I actually had good news to share but I wanted to wait until I was certain. Today, sadly, I was notified of the bad news…

Last week, I found out that I am pregnant again. I’m about 7 weeks along now.  Today, the gynae told me that it’s not growing at all.

Last week, I had mixed emotions about the pregnancy. Ecstatic, because I wanted another baby. Shocked, because I didn’t plan for it to come this early. Over the moon, because it was not easy for me to conceive. Guilty, because I feel I didn’t spend enough time with Khadeeja…

Today, I was advised that the pregnancy failed and will come out sooner or later. I am to wait for my period or do a d&c after our Tokyo trip.

My dear friends,

I am sad but not devastated. I am sad but not heartbroken. I am sad…

xox; Naziah

11 thoughts on “A sad note from the author

  1. hugs {{{{{{ziah}}}}}}} …

    sorry to hear about your loss… with god’s will, khadeeja will be getting her bro/sister in the future.

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