Top 12



Just a quick one…

My absolute favorite for the night is Jason Castro. Now, before you say I’m biased because I already am in love with him,  that’s not the reason why it’s my favorite.  I love the song so much that I don’t care if he went out of tune or watever!!!! Zizie introduced me to this particular Beatles song and it’s been a favorite since then. And of course his whole performance was just too cute. 🙂

Here’s my list from top to bottom pick:

  1. Jason Castro – No need explanation…
  2. David Cook – It was a really good performance. I just feel that it’s no longer original to have a rocker do other genre in their own style. Chris Daughtry  was the founding father of that type of stuff and he was really good with it as well. S, I tend to compare the rockers in AI with him…
  3. Brooke White – Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! She’s so sweeeet…. I love this type of genre. Very hippie…
  4. Michael Johns – He’s got THE whole package. Good looks, good voice, sexy accent (maybe to some… I prefer Simon Cowell’s heavy Bri’ish accent.).
  5. The rest of them – Not even Carly’s performance was memorable to me…

So who’s going home? I think it’ll be Kristy Lee Cook or Syesha. Kristy because it was the worst performance ever and Syesha because people might forgot to vote for her (since she was the first singer and not very memorable as well…).

3 thoughts on “Top 12

  1. zezz says:

    which beatles song? did the cute rasta sing a beatles song?

    as a fren puts it, am a bit anal abt other ppl singing beatles songs…hmmph!


  2. Jiah! You’re back!! Jumpa si Zaza nda? Glad that you enjoyed your trip. Aku rasa si Kristy Lee yang keluar. Her performance was horrible.

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