I don’t mean to be rude, but…

… when you ask someone a stupid question, you’ll definitely get a stupid answer back. Especially if that someone you asked is me!

I went to watch Spiderwick alone today. I got myself seated at the very end of the middle row and actually had a good view. The place was not crowded but the good seats were taken. And so I proceed to take my seat a few minutes before the movie started. Usually, I couldn’t care less about who’s seating next to me but today, the dudes made the biggest mistake of their adult lives. Here’s how the conversation went;

Them (2 dudes in their office attire): … Uish! Gelap la pulak dalam ni!

Me: *Rolling my eyes vigorously… It’s a cinema… Duh!*

Them: Sejuk pulak tu…

Me: *Shifting myself farther and looking at the 2 empty side seats next to my aisle*

Them: Tak ramai pulak orang today.

Me: *Today is Friday dumb-dumb!*

Them: Excuse me, dik, sorang je ke? Cuti ke hari ni?

Me: Tak pegi sembahyang Jumaat ke hari ni? Tempat gelap pun Tuhan boleh nampak tau!

… And then I got up and went to the empty seat next to my aisle. Seriously, I don’t mean to sound rude because I don’t give a rat’s a** whether you sembahyang or not BUT when the question asked is so obvious, my immediate reaction is 95% sarcastic.

Kepada encik-encik yang tadi tu, saya mintak maaf banyak-banyak kalau ada rasa tersinggung. Lain kali dalam panggung wayang, you don’t have to do small talks. People don’t like to be disturb when they are trying to watch the movie.

Btw, the movie was awesome. If you like the Harry Potter/Narnia type of movies, you’ll love this. Another movie I highly recommend is Stardust. Very simple romantic love story. The special effect is superb. Not to mention the very much high profile actors/actresses in it. I’ve been a huge fan of Michelle Pfeifer and I think she still looks hot. Go buy the DVD people. It’s worth it!

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