“If someone said this to you, what would your reaction be?”


Another trivia from Esah. I like this one….. 🙂

1. Your parents: “You are not our biological child”
I kno… Mom’s too good looking to be related to me…

2. Your friend: “I’ve got cancer in the final stages”
How long have we got? (I dunno why, but this will definitely be my answer… Maybe because I want to spend more time together…)

3. Your partner: “I’ve been in a relationship with you because I pity you”
I hope you live your life well in hell…

4. Teacher: “You’re the stupidest student I’ve ever taught”
That’s why I’m here! If I’m THAT clever, you won’t have a job… No?!

5. Your younger siblings: “It’s better for me not to have a sister than have one like you”
It’s genetic… You are not well liked as well…

6. Your elder sister: “If we were not sisters, I would have made you my partner”
Unfortunately, I’ll only have Angelina Jolie as my partner and she’s with Brad…

7. Your crush: “Your sister is sweet”
… Yes… *heart-broken-all-hancur-lebur-like-volcanoe-hit-it*

8. Your admirer: “If you don’t accept me, I am going to kill myself right now”
You do know that you’ll go to hell for nothing right?

9. The police: “You have to follow us to the police station right now?”
Can I see your badge and which branch are you from? Let me call them up and confirm that you are not a liar!!!!!!

10. Your female friend: “I really love you, can we be an item?”
I’m a gay man, trapped in a woman’s body. I’d rather have the Eltons and not the Ellens….

11. President: “I want to make you my daughter in law”
This is scandalous! Trying to buy me off from my husband!!!! How dare you!!!! Btw, how much are you willing to pay? Heeheehee…

12. Your idol: “Do you know that I’ve been watching you for quite some time?”
Are you sure? I’ve been watching you the whole time and not once you blink towards me…

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