Beatles… Again?!


With all my love and respect to the fantastic four, AI doing it again is so NOT good. Last week’s performances were excellent and I thought they should have just leave it at that. IMO, people tend to compare and the contestants (who gets good review last week) tend to hang on to it, thinking that they might be able to score with the judges again since it’s the same theme!

Let’s get on with my list, from top to bottom again;

  1. Jason Castro – The song is just too haunting! I kept singing it in my head. To tell you the truth, it was not a strong performance but did you hear all the screaming and yelling at the back? I agree with Simon. His face sells like a cold ice tea on a hot day! And the song is just too irritating for me to forget… I’d like to change my name to ‘Michelle’ but I don’t think my mom would approve…
  2. Syesha – Her version of ‘Yesterday’ will be the theme song for all break ups and broken hearts… I thought it was excellent, but nothing beat the original version.
  3. Carly – I’ve never heard this song before but I thought she did good with it. The only problem with Carly for me is she’s very forgettable. And I don’t think she deserves to be in AI because she already had her chance with Hollywood. I mean, she already had an album ( be it a flop or not ). Give other people chance laaaa!
  4. David Archuleta – His smile is infectious. Yet, another strong performance from him. Wasn’t my favorite from him though…
  5. Michael Johns – Just because I love the song and he looks sooooo good in those pants (whaaat?! I love men who can fill up a pants nicely. Especially the backside!!!). But he’s also going down the drain. Very forgettable.
  6. Chikezie – Love the song and not the second half of the performance.
  7. Amanda – Love the song but not her attitude. She’s being very defensive about the judges comments. It’s just a bloody opinion! And you should never talk back to Simon Cowell!!!!!
  8. David Cook – I didn’t like the arrangement. It was messy and didn’t sound like a Beatles song at all.
  9. Brooke White – She’s very weird. Very defensive as well. As if she’s telling the judges, ‘it’s ok for you to give me negative feedback because I’ve been doing so well…’. What she needs to kno, is that, she deserved the negative comments because it was a bad performance!
  10. Ramiele – She thinks she’ll be saved because she’s tiny and cute. Small doesn’t mean you’re the baby of the group. She’s babying herself! I don’t like it!
  11. KLC – It;s time for her to pack her bags…

My verdict:  Bottom 3 will be KLC, Amanda, and Michael Johns. Amanda might go home because KLC would most probably get sympathy votes from her fans.

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