Before I reach 30, I would like to…

… do these few things:

  1. Take guitar or piano lesson. I love music and I kno I can play some sort of instrument (other than kastenet and recorder). I might not be any good playing by notes, I play good by ears.
  2. Find a job with a KLIA or MAS. Not that I don’t love my job now, but I’d like to try and work outside of my comfort zone. And since I love travelling so much, it’ll be interesting to work either in an airport or with an airline. Any contact?
  3. Buy 1 original Burberry stuff (purse/bag/watch).
  4. NOT to buy a new handphone until after my birthday (if there’s any need to buy a new phone at all.).
  5. Sleep 8 hours with NO interruption. One nite is more than enough!

Only 5 on my list for the time being. My 30th birthday is in 2 months… I better start looking for a good looking music teacher… Heeheehee… Also need to save $$$ if I wanna buy something original from Burberry. Sigh…… And I think, the most IMPOSIBBLE thing to do would be the 8 hours sleep. No joke people! With or without my daughter, I will automatically wakes up at 2am (or 3am) either to have a glass of water or to go toilet. And to those who have any contact or anything on getting ajob in KLIA or MAS, please, please let me kno….

2 thoughts on “Before I reach 30, I would like to…

  1. Hm,I see what I can find out from my Nusantara network.Have a real close cousin working with MAS, also another MAS buddy AND one ex fling working with KLIA.Gimme until next Thursday, bley?

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