Never learn aaaa?!!!


 Me and Air Asia don’t see eye to eye anymore. I’m SOOOOOOO not gonna fly with them ever!!! This happened during Raya Haji last year remember? No, we didn’t miss our flight. This time, they delayed our flight TWICE! Our original flight back to KL was on Sunday at 4.25pm. As I was speeding through KK town that morning, I received an sms from them at 11.58am;

“URGENT! Airasia flight AK5111 from KK to LCCT on 23Mar08 is now retimed to 7.45pm. For more info please call 0387754000 or 0386604343”

Okayla… At least 7.45pm, we’ll reach KL around 10pm. Still okay for me and Baby K… I slowed down and took my time to go about KK town…

And then, as I was getting ready and packing all my stuff and giving Baby K her bath, I received another sms from them at 3.43pm;

“URGENT! Airasia flight AK5111 from KK to LCCT on 23Mar08 is now retimed to 10.25pm. For more info please call 0387754000 or 0386604343”

10.25pm?!!!! So we’ll arrive around 1am, and I’ll reach home at 2am?!!!! I’m so bloody disappointed with Air Asia. I tried calling them and after a few thousand times dialling, I got through. I requested to change my flight to early Monday morning but they ‘request’ me to pay an extra RM150 each person because I ask for the flight change. I’m flying with an infant and they expect me to fly in the middle of the night and reach home at 2am? Am not going clubbing okay?! HELLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the end of the story you ask? I told the Air Asia rep, “So you want me to pay an extra RM300 for a flight that might be delayed again? If that’s the case, I’d rather pay RM1000 to fly with MAS for a confirmed flight.”… So I took MAS. Thanks to my mom and my aunt, the flight back was free. I’m so freakin’ disappointed with Air Asia!

On another note, for MAS, when people pay like super expensive for the flight, you don’t serve them cold sandwich on the plane. Might as well reduce your fare a bit if you want to serve such hideous food.

p/s: I cut her hair and now she got ‘Temenggung Jugah’ hair…

4 thoughts on “Never learn aaaa?!!!

  1. you can say that again. air asia is the champion of delayed flights. my flights in and out of langkawi last year was delayed about 2 hrs each time. im getting sick of hearing their excuse that “klia is running on a single runway”. if malaysia airlines can keep up to the schedule, why can’t air asia?

  2. dennis the menace says:

    Yeh Air Asia is pathetic when it comes to customer service.
    I had a flight from Kota bharu to KL,delayed 2 hours, but being a foreigner,dont have instant access like a local phone number for them to notify me.
    Do you know what a boring airport KB is to have to hang around in.
    And to add insult to injury,the meal I had booked on line months before was never served,and on querying why to a Hostie, they replied that the flight was too short to serve a meal.
    Hey no big deal,I got fat stores,but do you think i can contact a human at AA to get a refund?
    Over 6 months I tried their feedback forms,emails,Phone? the phone HAH!!well not worth waisting the time there.
    Maybe next flight ill slap the sh*t outa a Hostie, just for the pleasure of it.
    Dennis The Menace

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