This is not good for…

… Jason Castro. He’s no longer the brightest amongst the pack of shining stars! I’m disappointed… Straight to my list, from top to bottom;

  1. David Cook – I shall call him ‘the brave one’. He’s really insane to turn Billie Jean into an almost suicidal sounding song (Cat, his version can be in our ‘song list’, right behind ‘All by myself’…). It was bloody brilliant! Michael Jackson’s fans will either hate it, or love it. I still think he lacks originality because of the whole Daughtry-era. Nonetheless, his voice was superb.
  2. Brooke White – I love the song. Same case as ‘If I fell’, I don’t care if it was out of tune, I just love the song. The first half of her performance was fantastic. She should have just kept singing with the piano only.
  3. Carly – Again, it’s all about the song. I agree with Simon. Her whole performance was really ‘tense’. It’s as if she’s forcing her voice out of her throat.
  4. Jason Castro – I’m disappointed with the whole thing. From his ugly skin-colored pants with the oh-so-not matching shirt to the ‘too-laid-back-attitude’. He’s definitely NOT gonna win this season (Archuleta will..), but at least I wanna see him go far. Top 5 at least. Anywhos, I still love the song and I think it suits him well. He just needs to do something with it so that it won’t sound so karaoke-ish.
  5. Chikezie – I have to say, that his vocal is really good. The performance was nothing special tho…
  6. David Archuleta – So this boy can sing… SO WHAT?! He’s really cute too… That’s another plus point for him. Not loving the song choice.
  7. Michael Johns – His fans will definitely disagree with me. But why is he shouting instead of singing? And again, this is another case of ‘comparing-to-the-previous-idol-thingy’. No one can sing a Queen’s song better than Constantine Maroulis.
  8. Syesha – Can sing, but such a sappy song! Very forgettable… That’s the problem with her.
  9. Ramiele – I still don’t like her.
  10. KLC – WTH?! God Bless America? It’s as if someone singing ‘Negaraku’ in Akademi Fantasia or Malaysian Idol…. I don’t get it…

My verdict; bottom 3: KLC, Carly, and Chikezie. I think Chikezie is going home this week. KLC might be saved because of her patriotic song. She should go on campaign for Hillary Clinton… Heehee… However, there might be an upset this week and Carly or Jason might go home…. Let’s just hope it’s not Jason….

7 thoughts on “This is not good for…

  1. Cat says:

    I agree with you on MJ versus Constantine regarding Queen songs. Constantine has the ability to reach those high notes rather than screaming them. Try as they will, American Idol will never find anyone with the stage presence and one as charismatic as Constantine. Season 4 ruled!!

  2. I just hope Michael has the same kind of groupies as Constantine and that they also create a site and blog about all of their conquests with him!

  3. Er…I don’t know much about American performing monkeys, but you could quiz me on Australian performing monkeys heheh.

    p/s still in denial that American Idol will never be seen on Australian tv.Bastards.

  4. Ziah, country theme song is like sinonim to our ‘dangdut theme’ lah kan?*hahahah*Korang prasan tak, when it comes to M’sian reality singing shows, tiap kali if the theme or the singer decided to sing ‘dangdut’ the crowd jadi poyo, even when ader yg hardcore ngaku tak suke dangdut pun joget same..klakar.

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