Banyak cerita


Forgetful Jones

Okay… I have a lot to say but I don’t want to write a specific entry about ’em… (i.e.: LAZY). I think it’s funner (is this even a word?) to put it in a list. I love lists… Makes my life easier since I’m very disorganized and forgetful. Talking about forgetful, do you remember a character in Sesame Street called ‘Forgetful Jones’? I think he’s funny. 🙂

Here are some stuff I wanna share with ya’ll;

  • I’ve found out last weekend, that the Billie Jean sang by David Cook was actually sung by Chris Cornell. I mean, that version was actually Chris’s arrangement and it was featured in his album. Chris’s version is way, way, way better. I have the song loaded in my iPod. I think Widie and Cat would love the song. Very ‘jiwa kacau’ and great guitar arrangement. Widie, add that to the list of songs I’m requesting from you…
  • I kno for some it might not be a big deal. But seeing your kid turning 1 is a great achievement for some. So I’m ‘TRYING’ to plan a birthday bash (although she might not remember the party at all). I’d love to do an outdoor party but I don’t have any clue where to do it. Any suggestion?
  • Again, for some it might not be a big deal but my turning 30 is really creeping me out. I kno, I kno… It’s just numbers… But still…. SIGH…. (Cat, stop rolling your eyes!!!! Shanky, don’t bitch about it! I’m so bloody e-m-o about this).
  • It’s 8.36am and someone is playing Avril Lavigne’s stupid song (baby…baby…you’re so good to me.. – I dunno wat’s the title) and it’s a bimbo song. I think my IQ just dropped…
  • I’m back to reading books again. Finished 2 books last week. Neither were good enuff for me to re-read. I’m on my third book and it’s called ‘Me and Mr Darcy’. Who doesn’t love Mr Darcy? He’s too damn perfect and that’s why he’s fiction!
  • After forever, I went out on a date with Abu. We watched ‘Shutter’ and I’m telling you people, the Thai version is much scarier. And there was this group of idiots who were so noisy and kept laughing at the scary part. Who the bloody hell laughs when the ghost comes out?!!!! I didn’t enjoy it because of those idiots.
  • I love Madonna’s new song but can’t get Paula Abdul’s song out of my head. And I kept singing ‘Michelle’ until last week… Stupid song!
  • I’m suddenly craving for Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese drama. Been watching Meteor Garden (I kno… It’s so keong-keong!) and now I’m stuck singing the theme song. It’s not a bad song and F4 DID NOT sing the theme song. Harlem Yu did (I just kno that as well… I’m a music genius!)
  • A huge big TAKZIAH to Kak Long on the loss of her baby girl. She was only 16 days old and had a complication right after birth. My prayers are with her all the way. (I suddenly remember the King of Gondor was saying ‘No parent should bury their child’ in LOTR but I always believe that the good die young…). Takziah again…

I think that should be sufficient for the time being. Btw, this week’s theme for AI is country. That KLC girl is one lucky girl…

3 thoughts on “Banyak cerita

  1. –>I’ve handled birthday parties before (I’m a party-queen)so the most important thing is to
    1)get a theme
    2)find a venue
    3)fix $
    4)party ’til you poop.
    So once you got a theme, hence you’re on your way.PLEASE DO NOT GO CHEAPO-NO MOMENTO MCDONALD’S.I hate McDonald’s birthday, although it saves you on the fun-and-games part.But still…DON’T.

    –>I’ve a confession.I actually owned a few Japanese and ONE korean series.It was the dark ages, maaa….I owned “Great Teacher Onizuka” and “Power Office Girls” (ini smua ZAIHASRA punya doing!!!I BLAME HER!hehe).The korean thingy was WINTER SONATA, because of the haunting theme song and plus my MOM had a thing for the korean dude.

    –>kan aku dah kata, SHUTTER hollywood tidak best.Nampak sgt Hollywood takder idea.I’ve being having a I Heart Depp Fest *giggles* Watched “EdWood”, “Blow” and “Sleepy Hollow” on Sunday.Kesian laki aku tak kene layan

    –>woman, you’ve the right to go emo with the big 3-0.But that doesnt stop you being yummy-mummy.On my part, I’m quite excited being 30.Takder lah rase cam budak kecik compared to my hubby (he’s 7 yrs older than me).

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