Hello from Tokyo!

Missed me already? I’m pretty sure some of you does… 🙂

It’s 10.15pm in Tokyo, and bloody cold like mad outside! Nothing good playing on the TV. The hotel DOESN’T have any in-house free movie. You have to pay for anything and everything here. Except for the internet… The internet is free…


Let’s just start with yesterday. We arrived safely after 6 hours ++ in the plane. Couldn’t sleep at all. Khadeeja was sleeping soundly (Thank God!!!). We  arrived at the hotel 4 hours before they allow us to check in. So we decided to go and have a look-see at the nearest shopping mall here (there’s like 3 shopping mall within 3 minutes walk from the hotel). Abu got a few stuff for himself but I was just too tired to walk. Kesian Khadeeja. I think her body was aching and she was hungry and we haven’t change her pampers since we arrived. Finally at 2pm, we got into our room and mandi and makan… Long story short, she cried because she got wind, I cried because I was too tired to carry her, Abu had to run and buy some more food and baby stuff….. Day one done!

Today, we got up at 7am (that’s like an achievement to us because Khadeeja usually gets up around 5.30am), had breakfast, and took a train down to Shinjuku station. From Shinjuku we took the bus straight to Tokyo Disney. It was not very cold at first but towards late evening it started to rain and was REALLY, REALLY cold. Again, kesian Khadeeja. At least this time we got her to have lunch and dinner on time! She was in a good mood the whole trip home. But now, Abu la pulak yang demam… My whole body is aching like I was beaten up with a baseball bat. Hopefully we’ll be fine so that we could continue our plan tomorrow, which is going all the way to somewhere near Mount Fuji for the Premium Outlet shopping place… Some pictures from our Disney Sea trip today.


Btw, I’m not happy with top 12 AI… Why is that Chikezie still in? I still think David Archuleta is gonna win. Watever it is, I’m happy Jason Castro got through….


A delay of posting the news.

Abu’s brother passed away on Sunday. He was young and was a very good man.

Al-Fatihah to him…

P/s: I think, the good die young… 😦

I was longing for a good ol’ MSW… So I took a walk…


It’s been a month (or so) since my last ‘MSW’ (for those who don’t know, please refer to this entry… ). I think it’s about time to have another adventure on my own… Heheheheh… Since Abu went back to Kuantan this morning and Khadeeja was all fed and her Bibik pun sudah free from housework, I decided to walk from my house, all the way to Sunway Pyramid. It might sound far but it’s not. If you are familiar with Subang Jaya, my house is in SS12 (area SJMC), right after the roundabout from everywhere else to everywhere else… Seriously… If you are from KL, ikut NPE, masuk Sunway, lalu roundabout, boleh masuk Summit or Subang Parade… If you are from Subang or USJ, lalu roundabout, boleh masuk KL ikut NPE or Sunway Pyramid… In other words, I’m situated in between everything in Subang, Sunway and USJ. Back to my ‘walk’. How near is Sunway Pyramid to my house? Hmmm…. From my driveway, to the parking space (new wing), it’s about 90 seconds away… Walking distance? About 10 to 15mins depending on your pace.

And so I went for a walk to Sunway Pyramid. It was a good day. Not that hot and thank God it wasn’t raining. My mission today was to find a good pair of socks for my trip. Not too thick but good enough to prevent me from having frostbite on my toes. I manage to find one but it was expensive! But what the heck?! I’d rather pay the extra RM5 than have my toe nails pulled off my toes… And then, before you kno it, I was grabbing all sorts of nonsense as well… Winter hats for Khadeeja, gloves (as if I’m gonna need it there… Well… I hope I need it now, since I already bought a pair…), socks… It didn’t stop there. I went to Speedy and bought 3 DVDs. I usually don’t buy original DVDs (why pay more when you can get it cheaper with the same quality?!!!), but I went in and bought Stardust, one Korean movie and Nana Tanjung 2 (for the Bibik). So now I’m excited to finish this post and start my DVD-watching activity.

Before I leave, here’s some quick update on Khadeeja:

  • Almost 10 months now
  • She got 2 biji gigi baru tumbuh (depan, atas… macam chipmunk…)
  • Not interested in toys. She likes magazines, books, kertas and kotak…
  • Still not very friendly. But she doesn’t cry that much anymore when she see new faces.
  • Will put her hand on her heads when you say ‘kepala’.
  • Will put anything that looks like a mobile phone to her ears.
  • Her hair is growing longer but not thicker.

P/S: I still haven’t watch Sweeney Todd or Jumper… I’ve been ‘busy’ watching Tokyo Juliet online…