The ‘MIMI’ week

She’s a music genius. She gave really, really good advise to the contestants this week. I never thought that I’d say this but Mariah Carey is SO not a bimbo…

I also thought that this week will be the end of the road for either Jason Castro or David Cook. It’s a girlie-girl song week. How the hell would a rocker and a hippie survive?!!! And then, they PERFORMED… When you have talent, you HAVE talent.

  1. David Cook – He sang one of my favorite Mariah’s song. Turned it to something that I can sing and it was amazing. Like what Paula said, I can already imagine the song as a soundtrack in a chick flick. o David Cook! I’m officially a huge big phat fan of yours. On a different note, this was a special week for him because his sick brother flew all the way from wherever (after being rejected by doctors a few times) to see him perform. (@v@)
  2. Jason Castro – Just like sunset at the beach… That’s how I imagine the whole performance. He looked beautiful as always and another fantastic week for him as well.
  3. KLC – I’m surprised that I liked her performance. Another one of my favorite song from Mariah. I love the fact that KLC sang it with a country twang. Not a bad vocal.
  4. David A – Didn’t like it that much but the boy can sing.
  5. Carly – She’s got the voice but this might also be one of her worst.
  6. Brooke – She could’ve scored big with the song but it was like out of tempo. Second half of the song, she was out of breath.
  7. Syesha – Very powerful voice and yet so forgettable. She’s at the bottom of my list tonight because I couldn’t remember her performance at all.

Bottom 3: Carly, Brooke and Syesha.

Who’s going? Hmmmm….. Either Brooke or Carly.

5 thoughts on “The ‘MIMI’ week

  1. shankuh says:

    i have found new love for David Cook – i dont knw if it was the whole orchestra behind him or the glaring concert loghts or maybe it’s just the way he sang a Mariah Carey top song in his own original style – i agree with Paula that it shd get into some movie soundtrack – i like Carly but dont think she shd try POP – it just aint her!
    tats’ all! I HATE BROOKE !

  2. naziah says:

    but u kno wat, she actually did pretty well this week. she shud’ve gone the first week but she was better than brooke this week. I hate brooke! very pretentious… suka buat muka mintak simpati.

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