Omma! Pe ga appo… Mori do appo… Huwaaa!

I was sick yesterday. Really, really sick… I had chronic gastrik (which I dunno how the hell I got since I had lots of food last week) and low blood pressure. For a person with a really bad temper, I wonder if that’s possible… Any doctors in the house? Can explain aaaa? Anyways… I haven’t had any proper sleep since Baby K had fever last week. Hence the sakit kepala and sakit badan. I was whining and whining about it. Then I stopped… It’s not like it’s Baby K’s fault that I’m sick. It’s my own fault for not excersising and not eating well. To those who will be and wants to be a mom, stamina and health is very very important. Very true that you don’t get like 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep anymore. And also very true that you don’t get to spend time on your own that often anymore (say bye-bye to your books, or movies, or xbox). But when you look at your offspring, it all goes away. People always say count your blessings. So today, I would like to count MY blessings…

  • Less sleep because of baby means I have baby to take care of…
  • Got sick because of too much food means I at least have food to eat…
  • Lesser time for myself means I have friends and family with me…
  • No time for books means less money to spend on books…

Untuk renungan bersama jugak: Taken from Ellen’s book again, she was saying how she hated this type of stuff. For example, I was crying because I have no shoes until I met a person with no feet. Okay… It might selfish but the person without feet won’t be needing any shoes right? And it still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have any shoes on to protect my feet… So what do you think? Selfish or realistic? Which would you prefer? Me? I’d count my own blessings for the time being…

The title is in Korean and it means; Mak! Perut gue sakit… Kepala gue juga pusing…. Huwaaa!

4 thoughts on “Omma! Pe ga appo… Mori do appo… Huwaaa!

  1. Cabaran seorang yummy-mummy.

    I’m still in TTC mode, so when I got my period yesterday, imagine my disappointment.

    Can’t wait to lose my ability to NOT have enough sleep…

    your Baby K’s a blessing for us all…she’s got that mischievous twinkle…memang sah dapat dari you!

  2. We are all blessed. Let’s be grateful for what we have.
    Thanks for shedding the LIGHT
    Baby K can so clearly see that with her big round eyes 🙂

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