Aja! Aja! Fighting!

I’ve been in a very bitchy mood this week. And since today is Friday, the level of bitchiness almost exceeded whatever amount that I could keep. However, today, I managed to control not only my bitchiness, but also my temper. So I deserve a pat on the back! Syabas Inspektor sahab! Syabas!!!!!! Let me tell you the story;

I was waiting for the lift from LG2 to go up to CP5 in Sunway Pyramid after my weekly grocery shopping. Today, I dragged Baby K and her bibik together. I love Sunway Pyramid but if I could just suggest to the management, either set up more lifts or make it go faster. I waited for almost 10 minutes before the thing arrived. But whatever… I was busy playing with Baby K… So we went in with 2 young ladies and a dude. The young ladies were all dressed up nicely. One a bit cepop and the other was not so skinny. Since it took forever to reach the floor, Baby K started to wiggle about and stretch her tiny arm to touch the cepop lady standing next to her. You wanna kno what the cepop bitch did? She brushed Baby K’s hand off! With her ugly fat face looking irritable, I wanted to slap her for what she did. I was ready to say something nasty but I didn’t have the heart to do so in front of my kid. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…… It seems that not everybody like kids… So the cepop bitch got off the hook this time. Meanwhile, I was conjuring up my all sorts of bitchy come back which includes slapping her, pulling her hair, and killing her with the shopping cart. But then I decide that embarassment is the best retaliation. Here’s what I wanted to say;

Me: Sorry… She really likes pregnant women…

And she would’ve answered;

CB: I’m not pregnant.

And I would say:

Me: You are not? I’m so sorry… I thought you were…. You look like you are though…

It would’ve been nice if I say that aaaa? SIGHHHHHHHHHHH…. Whatever it is, I think I’m finally growing up and learning to swallow the bitterness of life. I’m not liking it but I shall try….

7 thoughts on “Aja! Aja! Fighting!

  1. modd says:

    syabass…inspektor sahab….aku baru layan hindustan last weekend, nak tergelak baca ayat ko ni ziah….

    patut kata je…hehehe….tapi tak bagus untuk jadi contoh kat Baby K, eh? Kids …cepat tangkap wooo…lagi2 yg benda tak elok…hehehe…

  2. hahahaha good one!! but yeah, i’ve had a door slammed right to my stroller with Imtiyaz inside.

    nak pegang pintu kejap pun tak boleh. damn!

  3. omigod.. don’t get me started..

    anywho – the other me would’ve supported u if u did say that to her face.. but the responsible and reformed me would say – ‘try to see things from her point of view – she’s all done up for a day out and got baby trying to mess her groove! – give her a break, she NEEDS it more than kady or you do :))

    my experience a few months back – was @ klcc trying to leave the air-conditioned escalators area to the parking lot – i opened the door to manouver both ashley and be-stroller-ed anaqi thru it and some j**kass and bitch who are on the outside actually tried to enter first?! WTF!

    anywho – i just said to their face – ‘sabar sikit boleh tak – tak nampak org tgh dengan anak ni?’

  4. naziah says:

    ly-d, it was her arms, not her hair…. so Baby K will mess her arm-hair for the day? or did she put concealer on her arms so that no one will notice the jerawat on her arm?… 🙂

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