Uncharacteristically Malaysian…

As you lovely people kno, I’m not patriotic about anything at all. Well, maybe a little bit passionate about animals… Hari ini, *sia  mau cerita sikit la pasal budaya orang Malaysia ni (and I’ll be doing it in my Sabahan lingo…). Kita selalu *tinguk di TV, kalau ada iklan pasal Malaysia tourism, mesti rakyat Malaysia di potray sebagai orang2 yang caring, berbudi bahasa… etc… Despite the warna-warni cultural stuff presented, IMO, those are  misleading. Sia mintak maaf awal2 la kalau ada yang terasa hati lepas baca ni (*manatau ada orang yang patriotik datang baca ini post…). This is what I find ‘interesting’ and misleading about watever the government’s been trying to force the foreigners and even the locals to see.

  • Caring – When you see someone’s purse got stolen and she yell for help, do you see anyone running after the thief? Hardly… Why? Alasan yang paling selalu orang *kasi is, “Jangan la kejar. Manatau pencuri tu ada pisau…”. My question to this answer is “Mana kita tahu orang tu ada pisau ka ndak? Kalau dia teda pisau, kan kita sudah missed the chance to do something good? Jadi bila kita mau bertindak? Bila orang yang kena ragut tu jatuh, kepala dia terhentak di jalan and die in the hospital after 7 days of koma? How do you sleep at nite after that I wonder…”.
  • Berbudi bahasa – Everyone wants to be Simon Cowell nowadays. Before him, IMO, Malaysian TV will censor anything yang menyinggung perasaan from airing. I’m not saying that we don’t say the truth, but instead, Malaysian lebih peka and menjaga adab dan perasaan orang lain. Mungkin, instead of saying “kau ndak boleh menyanyi”, we say “mungkin kau lagi sesuai jadi pelakon”… I hate wannabes! Just because Simon made a whole lot of money by being honest on TV, don’t think people like hearing it. Imagine if someone’s mother, so proud of the child, told everyone he/she will on TV. And only to watch in terror, as Roslan Aziz tells him/her that he sounded terrible in a harsh manner.
  • Thoughtful – From my previous posts (and experiences), budak2 muda sekarang ni ndak berapa peka dengan keadaan. Orang tua ka, orang mengandung ka, tourist ka, they will never bangun and give their seat away. Instead, they pretended to be sleeping… One of these days, I’m gonna pretend to fall on this people… See how they react…
  • Respectful – I never thought I’d say this but I’m glad I was ‘forced’ to give salam to seniors when I was in TKC. Why? Because you learn that to gain respect is to be humble. Kids nowadays, kena jentik sikit pun mengadu. I remember wat the Wise Miss Vicky told us when we told her the seniors were bullying us… “Naziah Nawawie, now you complain… Wait till you be a senior…”. And it was true enough…. 🙂

So my friends… Wat say you? Agree or not? Try to deny the reality but it comes right back at us with a smack on the face!!!

*sia – saya

*tinguk – tengok

*manatau – mana tahu

*kasi – bagi

5 thoughts on “Uncharacteristically Malaysian…

  1. Oh very the true.Kat sini, people are terlalu POINTBLANK, I’m like thinking “Mati lah aku”.They can say anything, but they’ve to be careful because overhere the LAW is absolute.So kalu aku kecik ati, aku buleh saman.*hehe*.

    Okay, walaupun tiada kaitan, I still have that word “POYENG KEDIDI” stuck in my head whenever I landing lam blog you.

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