Let’s Party!

The venue is not my place… Location is courtesy of my sister. Please grace the event with your presence. Gifts for Baby K is optional, but gift for the mommy is a must. Hahahahahahahaahhaha! I’m stealing her thunder that day by dressing up as a cotton candy! See you there!!!!

Ugly map… Sorry!

P/S: If you need map, please leave your email add in the comments… I will mail it to you.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Party!

  1. nisajay says:

    ha’ahh ziah.. ko nyer handwriting masih sama seperti dulu… tapi, aku ada jupe font pc yg ala2 sejibik cam handwriting ko. nama font tu “1st grader” (rasanyer laa…) ko kena mintak royalti tu… hehehe..

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