Paula Abdul is psychic!

And I have no mood to watch the show and write any comments just because of her… Either the show is totally rigged or she was stoned again!

Just to sum up (according to appearance order);

  • Jason – I agree with Simon… He lost his ‘touch’ for the last 2 weeks.
  • David C – Excellent performances but he needs to wipe of that pompous look away.
  • Brooke – Err… I hope she goes back tomorrow.
  • David A – Boring…
  • Syesha – Forgettable.

Bottom 2: A combination between Jason, Brooke, or Syesha.

Who’s going home: Brooke or Syesha.

P/S: I am in luv wif my new header… Courtesy of the ever so lovely, Mrs C… Tenkiu! Tenkiu!

5 thoughts on “Paula Abdul is psychic!

  1. It was a very predictable performance… Everyone knows the kid can sing… So wat’s new? There’s a lot of other people who can sing too…. Talented people are like David C… They can sing, they have their own style. I’m not even a big fan of David C but I have to admit that he’s good. But like wat you said, it’s just my opinion….

  2. I really dislike Jason and Brooke, I’m glad one of them got kicked off. I hope that for the season finally it’s between David C and Syesha, but if David C wins then he probably won’t get to play the type of music he wants to and we’ll probably have to always sing pop.

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