Pet peeves

Why do we call ’em ‘pet peeves’? Who started this “lingo”? Does it have anything to do with our pets? Why then we refer annoying occurances as PET peeves? It’s a very ‘racist’ term! I’m SOOOOOO writing to King Solomon and ask him to explain to the animals that we don’t hate them. It’s just an expression…. A lot to explain to the animals… And thanks to the animals as well, I got a huge tax cut for contirbuting to WWF and SPCA. They do come in handy…

Back to the matter above, I was minding my own business, driving to work, and stopped at a traffic light somewhere in front of Central Market. It was a nice morning and the weather is beautiful. KL looks very calm and peaceful (less busses and people on the road)… And then, I saw it. A grafitti on the side of a wall (refer to the picture above). Some dumb-dumb tot it’s okay to do unwelcomed public service announcement, which, not only is dumb, but an eyesore as well. Maybe he/they/she meant well but that does not make it right. That actually ruined my morning a small tinsy tiny atom bit. After making my usual disgusted face, I drove off to the office…

And theeeeennnnn, it started lah! All of the sudden, I’m like a walking ‘annoyance-meter-maid’. Every single pet peeves in my list were experienced within a short period of time. Berikut adalah kejadian-kejadian yang terjadi mengikut turutan sebenar:

  1. Parking lot – So I parked my car beside a Perdana and quickly switch off the engine to go out of the car. Then I realized, I can’t go out because the Perdana passager seat (which was next to my car door) was opened. The idiot who sat there, went out of the car, and was talking on the phone and not closing the door. So, I have her ass smacked right on my face (she was facing the other side). I waited impatiently for 3 seconds (yes, 3 seconds only) and started to honk. She was startled and was looking very annoyed. So I rolled down my window and said ‘Sorry miss, but can you move so that I can go out?’ (and yes, I can be polite and nice if I try very very hard… Cat, stop rolling your eyes.). Moral of the story – DON’t BE SELFISH! That was pet peeve numero uno.
  2. Lift from parking lot to upper floors – I parked my car at the very bottom of the building. There are 5 floors to go before I can reach the ground floor and change lift to the office tower. So, there I was, nicely pushing the LG button (because I was craving for McD and have lots and lots of free muffin kupons…). And theeeeennnn, another idiot came in and pushed the B3 button. Watever… I don’t care wherever floor that he wanted to go. After 2 seconds, I think he realized he pushed the wrong button and pushed a different floor now. He just wasted at least 40 senconds of my time, stopping at a floor that nobody will go out. No, I have less patience today. I cannot tolerate people wasting my time at all. Moral of the story – DO NOT WASTE OTHER PEOPLE’s TIME.
  3. McD – There were a lot of people due to the free muffin thingy. I proceed to wait in line and surprisingly it went fairly fast. This was the coversation between me and the cashier:

Cashier: Makan sini ke bungkus?

Me: Bungkus

Cashier: *Shouting to the people behind the counter* One number 4 to go pleeeeaseeee….

Me: …. Waiting …. Waiting… Still waiting…

Cashier: Okay, here you go, enjoy your meal.

And I was looking at her, pushing the tray of food to me and thought to myself, didn’t I say bungkus to her and she repeated me by yelling to the counter people, reconfirming that the meal is to go?

Me: You said take away just now.

Cashier: *Blinking rapidly as if she doesn’t understand me*

Me: *Looking at her, blinking rapidly towards the tray*

Cashier: Ooooh! So sorry…. *After realizing that she DID NOT bungkus the food for me*

Moral of the story – PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO WAIT IN LINE FOR INCOMPETENT SERVICE (the guy behind me was pratically breathing at my neck… takut habis free muffin tu la agaknya,,,,).

4.       Lift going to the office tower – This REALLY ticks me off. You know when you are waiting for the lift at the sideof the door instead of in front of it? There’s a reason for that. Using your common sense, you do that to allow the people from inside the lift to come out first, first you can enter the lift. Some idiots just don’t have common sense. So this lady, came and waited right in front of the lift. I was rolling my eyes at her and I kno she knos because she was looking at me from the corner of her eyes. As the lift door opened, she rushed inside and bumped herself right on a big huge dude’s chest. The dude gave her a ‘you just molested me’ look, I smiled very very satisfyingly, and she went and hide herself at the very corner of the small list with everyone else giving her the smirk. Moral of the story – DO NOT BE A SELFISH BITCH.

There you go…. A short list with loooong stories. I hope to God that none of you is one of these offenders. I’m so negative today. I need to go on a hollistic medidating time. Maybe I’ll write about happy thoughts after this….

Busy bee… and cats… and lemon tree…

Soooooo…. Here I am…. Back in the office on a Monday morning…. SIGH… Had a lot going on last week. I was in and out of Damansara Specialist a few days last week. No, I’m fine… My Grandpa was admitted again (kidney stones)… And then, last weekend, we went back to Kuantan for my late BIL punya kenduri arwah. All those long hours in the car is making me car-sick and I can hardly feel the upper half of my body. I need a massage…. Or at least, a looooooooong hoooooot bath. Maybe I should take a day off this week. Go to a spa. Or maybe go to Sunway Lagoon and play all the rides (harharharhar! WHAT rides?!!!!!). But then again, I’m pretty much cramped up for the week. SIGHHHHH!

Anywhooooo, how was everyone’s weekend? Did you enjoy some quality time with the family or did you braved the busy parking spots at the malls? Talking about malls, you kno wat? I HAVE NOT been to The Gardens yet. Come to think of it, it’s been almost 4 months since I went to Mid Valley (even more I think). I have no business there, hence the no going there thingy. And I don’t like the place. It’s always crowded and parking is hell. Talking about hell, I was listening to Ellen Degeneres’s audiobook this morning (Title: And the funny thing is…), and she was saying that anything that doesn’t have fire on it but burning hot, must be from the devil (she was referring to the microwaves). She’s funny… I love her… SIGH…

I’m rambling again. Better stop before I end up telling you guys about watever useless nonesense. BTW, this week’s idol theme is Mariah Carey. I have a strong feeling that either David Cook or Jason Castro will sing ‘My All’. Maybe it’s because of the guitar thingy and the song… Watever…. I leave you with some pictures I took. And I must say, i DO have some talent in this photography stuff… Just need the right tools and training…

P/s: So what does the post’s title means? Nothing in particular. I AM busy as a bee, and then I saw my cats’s picture on my desk, and I am listening to the Lemon Tree song…

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The great Braddah Iz

Never once I cried on any singing performance ever. I did today because I tot the song was just beautiful. I dedicate this AI post to the late Israel Kamakawiwo’ole…

I must say, IMO, this week’s AI is the best so far. There are a few weird song choices but it was good. Not too many sappy songs (since it’s insparational week). So here’s my list;

  1. Jason – A beautiful man, singing a beautiful song… What more can I say? This will be one of the most remembered performance in idol history, along with Fantasia’ Summertime, Bo Bice’s In A Dream, David Cook’s Billie Jean, and Constantine’s Bohemian Rhapsody.
  2. David A – It’s not his best performance but it was still very good.
  3. Brooke White – Just because I love the song. I hate it that she keeps making that ‘I’m-innocent-with-sympathetic’ face. Her vocal was good but she like a bit out of tempo.
  4. David C – Again, it’s the song that I like, not the performance. I agree with Simon. After 2 weeks was excellent performances, it’s getting hard to keep up with yourself.
  5. KLC – I’m surprised that she pulled the song off pretty well. Not good, just okay. But very forgettable…
  6. Michael ‘the pants’ Johns – Even the pants couldn’t save him this time. I didn’t like it at all.
  7. Carly – What’s with all the anger?
  8. Syesha – So, so very not clever of her to choose a big song which was sung by a big voice like Fantasia. Of course she’ll be compared to the original singer. Duh!

My bottom 3: Syesha, Carly and Michael. KLC might be safe due to all the positive comments the judges gave her.

Who’s leaving? As long as it’s not Jason, I’m fine… But my money is on Syesha.

And just for Lisa, who is stuck in Adelaide with NO AI, enjoy the performance…


His name is Hiroshi Tamaki. I use this picture as my new header because it’s beautiful… Very peaceful and it doesn’t hurt that he’s got nice features as well. This picture was taken from Papasnoo‘s Flickr site. The picture was actually from a movie called ‘ ただ、君を愛してる’ (Tada, kimi wo aishiteru) or Just Loving You. It’s a beautiful love story based on a novel called Heavenly Forest by Takuji Ichikawa. I couldn’t find the DVD/VCD with english subtitle anywhere. If you wanna watch it, you can find it streaming in Crunchyroll.Com or These two websites are the best sites to watch Korean, Japanese and Chinese dramas and movies. Click here, to watch the movie—> ただ、君を愛してる

p/s: Must watch today’s AI… Theme is Inspirational song and Jason is singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version. You might not be familiar with the singer, but if you’ve watched 50 First Dates, the song is in the soundtrack… IMO, Bradar Iz was a very talented singer and I love this type of genre. RIP… One of my favorite singer+song combination. Memang ada jodoh la me and Jason (perasan sendiri. heheheh…).

SJNTM… (Subang Jaya Next Top Model)


Model profile

Name: Khadeeja Asyari

Age: 11 months

Gigi: 4 batang

Hobi: Membuli kucing and Mommy

Special skills: Speed-merangkak-ing. Can easily manouver away from Bibik, Mommy and Bapak to catch the cats….

Photographer perasan professional: Mommy Khadeeja

Pictures were taken yesterday at a birthday party. The adorable birthday boy was 1 yesterday… Happy 1 year birthday to Arman!!!


Love, is a many splendoured things…

… and these guys are five of the reasons… Fell in and never out of love with NKOTB and I’m so excited about their new single (I think coming out this month…). Bless them for growing up graciously from cute boys to gorgeous men (except for Danny Wood. He look like the Joker from Batman).


Howdy Pard’ner!



Thanks to, I have this beautiful picture of my beautiful man… Ain’t he gorgeous?! I didn’t pay a lot of attention to some of the performance because I’m pretty much busy (my in-laws are in town) and I had a full day of running around doing stuff today. I only like 3 performances and the rest are so forgettable. IMO;

  • Carly Smithson rocked the whole nite! I loved the song and her performance. But I agree with Simon, she should fire the stylist who arranged her attire… FUGLY!
  • David Archuleta does a great job as well. I still like Carly’s performance better.
  • My beautiful man, Jason, did a good job on the wardrobe bit. I love his top! I wonder where I can get it? Heehee… And his hair looks great up than down. His performance was one of my favorite but not the best of the nite. He needs to do something TOTALLY different to make an impact. If they ever decide to have a ‘latin nite’, he should sing La Bamba.
  • I love what David Cook did to his hair. He looks much, much, much better. Not liking the song tho…
  • The rest of them are just okay… All not very memorable performance, I have to say…

My bottom 3: Syesha, Ramiele and Brooke White.

Who’s leaving?: Syesha… Ramiele might still be saved because she’s Asian (not being racist here but a lot of the Asian community in USA most probably voted for her). Brooke White, she’s got her own fan base. But who knos… Might there be a shocker this week and she gets voted off?

p/s: I love Dolly Parton. She should stop doing surgery to face and now she looks like a melting candle….

Wayang… Oh! Wayang…

I have LOADS of work to do but I’m denying it today. And since I’m in denial, I was browsing through This is a good site for those who love ‘lists’. They always comes up with good ‘lists’ (e.g: cheesiest love songs, scariest villain, worst comic book movie…). And today, they put up a new list; THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVER… Here’s my top 5:

  1. The Exorcist – Scary as hell! I remember watching this for the first time as a kid and for a month, not being able to go anywhere alone! So bloody afraid that the ‘spirit will come and posses me and I will vomit green stuff’ if I’m all alone… IMO, no other horror movie could ever surpass this one in my list. It’s just too fudgin’ scary.
  2. It – Because of this movie, clowns will forever be in my ‘No-No’ list. How can you NOT be scary? It got sharp teeth and eats small children! And the make-up is so not helping as well. White face with red nose? UUUUURRRRGGGGHHHH!
  3. Nang Nak – It’s not so much of ‘SCARY’ scary. The part where her husband found out that she’s dead and ran to the monks and she came down from the roof, hanging upside down? That scene was really scary. But overall, it’s a really sad love story. I cried at the last scene, where the old monk came to lay her to rest. When she was sitting in her grave with her baby and the husband came to talk to her, I was bawling like mad.
  4. The Ring – The original version of course. Only the Japanese can make horror movies like that. And I was talking to Shanky yesterday, do you notice that even when the orang putih re-make these movies, the hantu will always be asian. Funny aaaa?
  5. The Maid – Bravo Singapore! When I was in Singapore last year, ngam-ngam la the start of Ghost Festival. I try NOT to believe it but couldn’t help running away from the burning pots so that I don’t step on the ashes of the stuff they burn.