Me and Mr. Jones


Despite of the not so good reviews, I went to see my favorite professor, Indiana Jones. My comments? Hmmm… Mixed feeling about it.

The good stuff:

  • If you are a fan of X-Files, you’ll love it. The storyline made sense to me. He’s the first Mulder!
  • Harrison Ford didn’t look as bad as I expected. Obviously he’s older and flabbier but who cares! He’s Indiana Jones!!!!
  • Cate Blanchett’s boots are pretty. *stop rolling your eyes Cat*
  • Shia Lebouf is cute. *Yes Cat. I judge the movies by it’s poster boy*

The not so good:

  • I felt that the storyline was a bit rushed… I mean, he just met Mutt, and off they went to an adventure?
  • Cate Blanchett’s existence is like non-existence. And her accent is so cheesy… Ve can also speek like ze Russians. All ve need to do ees to change ze douveliew (W) into V and ze tzee (T) into Z.

The moral of the story, is NOT to learn more than you are supposed to. Otherwise, you’ll burn your eyes and get you brains blown up. And also the aliens will take you away… I’m soooo glad I didn’t study at all when I was in school… Total grade I give the movie is a B minus. My advise to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas; please don’t over do the franchise. Make a new action hero franchise that doesn’t involve the terrorist, the mafia, or any communist in it.

3 thoughts on “Me and Mr. Jones

  1. Well, the point was Flabby Jones..uh…I mean Indiana Jones get to have an adventure again.Indiana Jones was grand-daddy-o of adventure movies like THE MUMMY (which I enjoyed as well, because it reminded me of Indiana Jones), NATIONAL TREASURE and DA VINCI CODE.

    Take note that Spielberg and Lucas were buddies, hence INDIANA JONES themesong was as memorable as STAR WARS theme as well.

    So we have the memorable hero to last us a lifetime (INDIANA JONES), the themesong that would last us a lifetime AND a man with a FREAKING whip and a fedora hat to make us ladies swoooooooon.It’s like we’ve STAR WARS for the menfolk, and INDIANA JONES for the ladies!

    I hope it stayed to ‘pop’ like, because that’s what the other Indiana JOnes were like, the not so complex puzzles etc.

    I’m waiting for murah-day for me to go watch the fourth INDIANA JONES (AUD$9 ON TUESDAY, you call that cheap?!I miss the RM6 Wed movieday! in TGV!).Nasib lah the cineplex is just….a 10 minute walk from my apartment.He he he.

    **Cate Blanchett’s character reminded me of that blonde character ‘Dr. Elsa Schneider’ in INDIANA JONES THE LAST CRUSADE

    The movie-dork has spoken.

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