Pohon Rendang – Home of Laksa Johor

Lot XG-8, Jln Plumbum X7/X, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

Congratulations to my Shah Alam posse. After a whole lot of planning and good strong will, alas, I present to you; Pohon Rendang – Home of Laksa Johor. I’m not gonna be biased but the Laksa Johor is really to die for! They also have the usual lauk-pauk spread which rotates everyday. The lauk-pauk spread includes Ikan Pari Bakar, rendang ayam, hati ayam masak kicap, asam pedas, kerabu mangga, etc… After 3pm, they will do ala-carte (eg: nasi goreng pataya, paprik…). And everyday, they will also include special menus such as chicken chop, spagetthi (depending on the chef’s mood… Heh…).

How to get there? Just take Federal Highway, all the way to Padang Jawa’s exit. Take right at the traffic light, and then turn left, and it’s located at the third row of shophouses right in front of the UiTM gate (backgate, not the main gate).

Some pics from my previous visit:

The ‘BIG’ boss

Pelanggan2 yang kekenyangan

4 thoughts on “Pohon Rendang – Home of Laksa Johor

  1. *strangles Ziah for public display of unattainable Malaysian food*yobiiiihhhh, nyamaaaaan ada jakkkk.Kan dah kluar bahse sarawak aku.Why ziahhhhh whyyyyyyyyyy?!*jerit ala Joey Tribbiani*

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