The benefits of being 30

  • You are half way through to get Senior Citizen airfare.
  • You should be able to say ‘been there, done that’ with utmost confidence (because 30 years of living is a looooooong time for you to experience all sorts of stuff).
  • You can have a crush on Harrison Ford or Sean Connery without feeling like you are having a crush on someone’s grandfather…

I can’t think of anything else… Whatever it is, here are some shoutouts on my birthday:

Mom: Thanks for giving birth to me 30 years ago…

Ajan: I’m still waiting for my birthday gift… An iPhone should be okay…

Abu: For my bday gift, I’d like to have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep…

Baby K: The best birthday gift ever is your additional sets of gigi yang baru tumbuh!!!! Now you have 6 batang… Mommy loves you!!!!

My Tropicana posse: Thank you so much for the lovely watch! Thanks to Lisa for choosing the brightest color ever!!!

My friends: Thanks for the wishes… Especially to Huda… 🙂

10 thoughts on “The benefits of being 30

  1. pibedey Ziah.May Allah bless you always with good health, wealth and happiness.

    {{{birthday anaconda squeeze hug}}}

    big kiss big hug small kiss small kiss small hug small hug big kiss big kiss small kiss, Lisa

  2. Radlinah says:

    Hi Miss 5678 (aww.. still remember that from donkey years ago!).

    Happy 30th Birthday.. may God bless you and your family always.

    Thank you for all your writing.. it makes my day a little bit brighter!

    love always xxx

  3. nisajay says:

    aisehh mak cik ziah… aku terlupa laa 5678 ko… ini suma gara2 harga minyak naik sama hari ngan bday ko… haha! a’way, happy belated 30th birthday & may ALLah bless u n ur family n ur friends n ur neighbours n ur cats always… and the most important.. i am still younger than you… hehehe…

  4. assalamualaikum…
    kak jiah..sorylah..terluper tarikh keramat tu lah..
    kitorang bz honeymoon kat pohon rendang..
    7hb haritu kak widie datang kat pohon rendang..
    btw,thanks 4 ur present..macam tau2 je kitorang nak hadiah tu..
    n thanks 4 advertising our restaurant…luv u…
    daaaa……from: mr nazry n mrs aini…

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