The aftermath…

… of Kung Fu Panda…


Po, is sooooo Jack Black. But my favourite character would have to be Po’s crazy father. Haahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! He’s so funny! So obsessed with noodles!

I’ve read a few comments on the movie and most people said they would like to see more of the other characters talking. I disagree… The cast for the movie are all very high A-list. And I thought it was a good thing for them not to have too many lines as this will take out the focus away from Po. The graphic is super excellent. All the slow-mo kung fu move. So the very high class!

And who doesn’t like Po? How can you not love Po? He’s so round and funny. The whole cinema actually gave him an almost standing ovation when he managed to kick Master Shifu’s butt on top of the mountain when they were fighting for the dumpling. The cutest character (other than Po) would be baby Tai Lung. So adorable!!!!

For those who haven’t seen it, you must go… because ‘there’s no price for awesomeness…’…. Hahaahahahahahahahaha!!!!


One thought on “The aftermath…

  1. Hey, best gile lah cite ni. I liked Po, even though he was clumsy, lazy and insecure. At least he was real! He he he he. It was definitely a star studded cast, I tak notice pun suara Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan. Maybe coz they didn’t have much lines to read? How have you been? take care!!

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