Kita berehat seketika…

Dear Friends,

I have a lot to share but a little bit busy for the time being. I will resume my normal posting pace in a week’s time. For the time being, here are some quickies:

  • Baby K is walking already (more of tip-toeing…)
  • I love KFC and teh o ais…
  • Thank you for the condolences. Both BIL & SIL are doing better, but still very sad.
  • I love Po!

I promise to write more as soon as I’m done with all of my “work”…

2 thoughts on “Kita berehat seketika…

  1. ahem. what “work”? i’ve already done your PMP for u…

    congratz, btw. (i now pronounce you officially free from the death grip of that delicious liquid/posion we call coffee)

  2. o_0 you had to put in the KFC and teh o ais thing!kat sini maner ader mamak!!!ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhh arghhhhh….

    Baby K buat manje-walk.Ko tunggu jerlah dia jadik Speed-Racer…..

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