PMS was not PMS after all!


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We didn’t expect this to happen (again) this quickly. Nonetheless, we are very thrilled to annouce the news. So, yeay us!!!!

Progress: I am having the motherlode of headache and nausea. I didn’t have ‘this’ sickness when I had Baby K. I only had chronic gastric, which, was actually not so bad (although I complain a lot). At least I don’t have this urge to rip my head off and re-enact the Exorcist scene at every single movement. Terrible what this morning (they lied! It last a whole day and only stops when I sleep!) sickness does to you.

My feelings: I am actually having some kind of a panic attack. I’m happy but feel guilty at the same time. Baby K’s just big enuff to walk on her own and now mommy’s got a new bun in the oven. I guess it’s normal for parents to feel guilty about this. I dunno… I’m just feeling all sorts of emotions right now….

12 thoughts on “PMS was not PMS after all!

  1. nisajay says:

    “Yeayyy… dapat adik to bully!!!” kata baby K di dalam hatinyer. Hehehe… Congrats Ziah! U shld be happy… I hv no child yet… (mungkin sbb aku belum kawen..?? huhuhu..) Take Care!

  2. ziahhh.. omigod! congratulations! incl. you so far i have 3 friends who found out they’re pregnant this month! good things comes in threes i guess – should’ve seen this coming.

    here’s to a (relatively) healthy pregnancy and (yeay!) for baby K.. (err.. takleh panggey dia baby K lagi kan? kena panggey miss K)

  3. zezz says:

    alhamdulillah! bestnye bestnye!!! gambatte ne!

    take care of yourself and do get baby K involve with this pregnancy…so jadi dia tak jeles sgt dgn adik dia

    from : the expert yg ramai anak


  4. intan says:

    Alhamdulillah ! bertambah rezki kau sekeluarga. Dont worry so much ! InsyaALLAH semuanye selamat. Jaga kesihatan, dah nak masuk dua kena banyak doa supaya kita sekeluarga diberi kesihatan yang baik selalu. Kalau kite sakit, macamane nak look after the family kan..esp the children.

    Intan, jb

    p/s: Aku due next month 26th July..2nd baby.

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