In denial…

I have a few thousand things to do but I’ve decided to be in denial today.

Let’s chat for a while…

How’s everyone doing? Thanks a lot for all the wishes. I’m dealing with my guilt and emotions pretty well now. I guess it’s good for us to have a second protege since I’m still in the ‘zone’ (not having a lot of sleep… etc… etc…). And I guess Baby K will be happy to have someone to play with. Also I’ve made a deal with her that she will always be referred as ‘BABY K’… 🙂

So… yesterday I took a half day off and went to shop. It’s been ages since I went out to buy something for myself. And after yesterday, I can safely say, there’s NOTHING interesting at all for me in either Mid Valley or The Gardens. I’m not going to elaborate more on that. Just know if you want to ask me out for outing, make sure it’s somewhere else.

It seems that nowadays, since the gagging festival started, I actually am gaining weight instead of losing weight. This might be due to the extra food I’m forcing down my throat to avoid chronic gastric again. Sigh… Watever! I need to stop whining and start embracing the whole experience… WATEVER!

Since it’s taking more than an hour for me to finish up this post, I’ll end it here for now. If I continue, I might damage my brain capacity… Can’t think of anything good tow rite. If you have any question for me, I’ll be more than happy to answer you…


One thought on “In denial…

  1. riyna says:

    any Qs ek??hmmmm….klu Baby K will always be referred as ‘Baby K’,d new protege ni nnt nk panggil ape plak?hihi…take care ziah 😉

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