Retro flashback

WARNING: This post will bring back memories and side effect might consist of smiling, blank stare (daydreaming), blank stare (trying to remember song lyrics), blank stare (trying to make sense as to why we used to have those ugly posters on our desk…)…

I’ve recently found some extra time to browse through my CD/tape collections, dated as far back as 1992. A lot of Nirvanas, NKOTBs, Color Me Badds, and the Megahit Collections. I was soooo into mix tape as well back then. I think it was easier to have all your favourite songs in a tape, or else you’ll end having to carry 5 tapes and a huge bulky walkman around. Back in 5N, I remember that almost everyone will wear tudung during prep (and kelas Puan Nora). Why? Sebab semua orang would be listening to their walkman. We used to be so in love with Flyguy as well. I must say, we have good taste for high-schoolers (back then la… Flyguy was kewl!).

Here are some of my favourites back then:

  • Close to Heaven by CMB (I used to be so in love with Mark Calderon)
  • Forever love by CMB (Fehlong gell!)
  • More than words by The Extremes (Nuno Bettencourt was the hottest ever! The hair was soooo Vidal Sassoon…)
  • Come as you are by Nirvana (I still have most of their songs in my iPod.)
  • I’ve been waiting for you by Guys Next Door (Damon Sharpe was my favourite because he was cute.)
  • Rush Rush by Paula Abdul (Still one of my favourite up till now.)
  • Nothing but the radio on by Dave Coz & Gary Allan (The sexiest song back then.)
  • Kiss from a rose by Seal (Batman punya pasal…)
  • Baby I believe in you by NKOTB (Remember the concert? With Jordan Knight wearing the white unbuttoned shirt?)
  • Goodnight girl by Wet Wet Wet (I love this group. Very hard to find their old albums nowadays.)

Cukup la buat masa ni. If not, everyone won’t be able to concentrate on work at all….

Enjoy smiling!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Retro flashback

  1. zezz says:

    wilson philips dah lupa ke ahahaha siot u made me grin like a stupid idiot depan pc!

    and Mr FlyGuy, if you read this, the proposal is still on *wink*

  2. oi oi.. jangan lupa bryan adams. and the soundtrack to robin hood.. and and and… err.. i forgot wut else

    amboih….. proposal still on.. amboihhh.. kehkeh. aku masih terkenang the call u made to the radio station.. wuz it during spm weeks?

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