HFMD… again!

Yes… We were (are still?!) visited by this thing called H@#$#F$#^%M*@!#D again. No, not me… Baby K this time. Soooo kesian, I kno! It started somewhere last Friday and we didn’t get to sleep on the first nite. The second nite, we slept but in a very, very interesting position. I was sitting down and she was sleeping in between my legs with her arms around my leg. Last nite, after a loooooong nite of crying and wat-not, she slept peacefully, but me, being a paranoid mother, kept checking her temperature and ended up not sleeping well. Today, she is as new as a brand new watever! So how’s your weekend?

I’ve been dying and super-dying about wanting to go and watch the new Batman movie. With the raving comments from almost every single entertainment site, the itchiness to play hooky and watch it in the middle of the week is absurdly high. We TRIED to watch it last Sunday (I kno… Selfish parents leaving their HFMD child at home and go have fun…). We only have time for the 11am show and guess what? The queue was so long it went from the counter to China! So bloody disappointed with Malaysians right now. What happened to waking up after 1pm on a weekend haaa?!!!!

So to those who have seen my men in action (Christian Bale and Batman – 2 separate men in my life), do not gloat for you shall be struck by lightning if you do so! I still love you people tho… šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “HFMD… again!

  1. Aidilz says:

    Naziah, you should watch Dark Knight.. fast… Hehehe. I’m itching to tell you the WHOLE story… Ok.. ok.. Just kidding.. šŸ™‚
    But you should watch it.. the Joker rocks!

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