Movie overload

I went to see The X-Files and The Dark Knight on the same day… Craysee ain’t I? Heh…

Lemme start with The X-Files. If you ARE an X-Files fan and certified geek, it’s worth your time. Don’t listen to all the bad reviews… But then again, my movie taste is a little off the charts. What I find interesting might not be likable to others. The best part about the movie? Mulder is funny as usual… Scully looks a lot older. I love their chemistry. The storyline? It’s 100% sci-fi and one of the creepiest X-Files I’ve ever seen throughout the 10 seasons. My grade? B+…

Now… The Dark Knight… I agree with Cat. It’s overrated and a bit too long. BUT, no one can say anything bad about The Joker. He’s the coolest psycho killer ever! The character is so cruel and unpredictable. He’s just the coolest villain ever. I love the fact that he is clumsy and very much suicidal. Batman? The raspy voice is just sooooooooooooo sexy. I’m so gonna marry him if he talks like that all the time. The Batpod is my dream-bike now. I know everyone says The Joker overshadowed Batman in this movie but IMO, that is the whole thing about the storyline. Like what commissioner Gordon was saying at the end to his son, ‘he is the watchful eyes behind the shadow’… To conclude; Batman is the hero that never wins. My favorite quote from the Joker; ‘Do I look like a guy with a plan?’… Hahahaha! And the nurse outfit?! Hahahahahah! My grade for this movie? A- (just because it was too long).

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