5 thoughts on “Karangan…

  1. good advice ziah! come to think of it, i only scribble with pen these days… notes for work, notes for Imtiyaz’s teacher in his communication book… hmmmm… the only serious writing i do with a real pen these days would be to write my cheques jelah kot! 😛

    take care, both mom and baby…

  2. psychopsychowateveridunnohowtospellit says:

    its definitely not ‘exercise to my eyes’…..wakakakkakakakakakakakakakakakkakakakakakakakak

  3. oh i still keep a written diary whenever i’m in mood to express my emotions.especially when confronted with blasted telemarketers.they make me just wanna grab a pen and paper and mengamok macam kambing emosional.by the way, adakah anda peminat Christian the Lion macam I?Sile refer my entry yang sah akan buat kau nangessss…macam aku.

  4. Aidilz says:

    are u left handed? yes? no?
    er.. nice hand writing u got there.
    it’s er.. fun to read..

    Zen naziah! Zen!

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