• Why would you wear a micro mini skirt in public but keep pulling it down?
  • Why do you have to eat strong smelling food inside a lift full of people at 7.30am?
  • Why didn’t you tell someone that you were your father’s and brother’s sex slave ever since 2 years ago when it just started to happen and not 2 years after?
  • Why did the government increased the fuel price?
  • Why do you have to tell people that you were sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim (was is mutual or were you raped?) ?
  • Why is the Sultan of Sulu giving out birth certificates to Filipinos in Sabah? (Sulu got sultan aaa?)
  • Why did the chicken cross the road???????????????????????

Asal usul…

Someone asked me ‘where did you get the name KHADEEJA from?’

I always wanted to name my child ‘Alya’ or ‘Aslan’ (if it’s a boy. And yes, it’s Aslan from Narnia. Very majestic name for a lion don’t you think?). So how did I get from Alya to Khadeeja? As some of you kno (if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, I first thot that I was having a boy. Hence, I was excited and set to name my child Aslan. But before I got the confirmed confirmation about the gender, I had a dream. In this dream, I saw my mother was calling out to a little girl ‘Khadeeja’ (or by any other spelling). But that’s not the only event that made me settle for ‘Khadeeja’ instead of ‘Ameena’ (it was another planned name….). I also named my daughter Khadeeja because I wanted to call her ‘Cat’. So basically, I actually named her after my evil twin ‘Cat’. Kesimpulannya, I got her name from a dream and she was also named after Cat.

Oh.. And Riyna asked, what will I call the second protege. If it’s a girl, I’m still not sure but I like the name ‘Aisha’ or ‘Ameena’. If it’s a boy, I think we’ll go with ‘Dinie’ (which means my religion).

P.S. I Love You

Both the book and the movie made me bawled like a baby!

The book, if you haven’t read it, is superb. IMO, the best that the author had written.

The movie, if you haven’t watch, is beautiful. The scenery is just spectacular. I envy those who gets a chance to visit or live there!!!! I think I’d be healthy and happy if my backyard is a nice lake and my front view is full of greens and sheeps. Simply breathtaking…

I’m not gonna spoil and tell the storyline to those who haven’t read or seen the movie. I give the book an A+ and the movie an A++ (just because those Irish men are so YUMMY)… :-p